Lockdown 2013 Poster

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  1. [​IMG]

    Aries vs. Hardy III? :hogan:

    And btw, look at the youngster in the glasses in the middle of the poster, brother!
  2. Isn't it just a rumored poster? Seems like the kid who makes TNA posters had a birthday recently if it is the real deal.
  3. Has to be a fan poster.
  4. Looks fan made, but it's good for that category.
  5. I got to pull out my hat to the fan for making a nice poster.
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  6. Origins of the poster come from solowrestling.com, who posted the Final Resolution poster a month before OnDemand published it. Just saying.
  7. I don't like it.
  8. Legit PPV poster this is, Meltzer says. Take it for what its worth.
  9. Hulk is so old :haha:
  10. Aries has a rape face :sad: ........ So glad he's behind a cage then :yay:
  11. This is fan made.
  12. Fan made it for TNA, TNA accepted it, I believe.
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