Lockdown NOT a PPV anymore

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. The 2015 TNA Lockdown event will not be a PPV, but will be broadcast for free on Destination America TV. The steel cage-centric event will be taped on Friday 1/9/15 at the Manhattan Center in New York City. Every bout at the event will be held inside the six-sides of steel cage.

    It is believed that going forward, TNA will have only two live PPV events - Slammiversary in June and Bound For Glory in October.
  2. Well that kinda sucks, Lockdown 2013 got a record-breaking attendance and then Lockdown 2014 pretty much completely flopped (1500 in the Impact Zone is not PPV standard crowd) but their 2013 crowd proves that if they put out a good product and really advertised, it could be a good PPV. Although if it will cost them too much money, I won't complain.

    2 PPVs will kinda suck too, I'd rather they still did Against All Odds and Destination X as PPVs then; although ideally I'd do 6 ppvs:

    January - Genesis
    March - Lockdown
    May - Destination X
    June - Slammiversary
    October - Bound for Glory
    December - Final Resolution
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  3. Only 2 PPVs? Wow, so we're back in the 80's.
  4. I'm sure they're not getting as much financial backing with their new TV deal which most likely led to them dropping a few more PPVs.
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  5. That better be a placeholder poster to prevent spoilers. :urm:Either way, their graphics are starting to look quite similar, it would be nice to see them mix them up a bit for each event.
  6. Well at least they're still doing promotional posters for the "freemium" episodes of it and not totally cheaping out.
  7. Well, it's not really a bad poster.
  8. They're really building up the hype... although every match in a Steel Cage isn't going to be THAT great tbh.

    First ever TNA Intercontinental Championship match in a Steel Cage plz, to build up the midcard.
  9. Please stop with the midcard titles already. They tried with the Television Title many times and it didn't work out and it barely helped to anybody who held it. Plus there just doesn't exist enough time for 5 titles on a 83 minute show, dude. Proven many many many, many times before. One champ suffers because of the other, the other suffers because of the third, and it goes on and on and on week in, week out. Impact Wrestling right now, as it is, does not need any more championships. Four titles is perfect. You can build up the midcard in a lots od different ways in a 83 minute show, it doesn't need an overkill title to do it. Titles don't mean everything in pro wrestling. Amen, I rest my case.
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  10. I have only been watching TNA since 2012 so after they did a bit with Abyss and the TV title, I thought they just dropped the ball in a major way. I thought the TV title used to do a lot for talent, all I knew was AJ Styles was the first champion. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Then they need to focus on building up the tag team division with guys like Gunner unless they're gonna be in a hot singles feud.
  11. Would love to just throw out the "Well, nobody would buy it anyway", but... Come on dude, this is Lockdown!

    This blows a chode. Gonna miss it.
  12. They should really re-push Gunner to the top again in 2015 after he is done with Shaw, if he isn't already. Gunner should've been main eventing the second half of 2014 after he won the feud with Storm, but hey I ain't complaining because we got great matches with Lashley, Hardy, Aries and Roode.

    2015 should be the year of Gunner in any case, imho.
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  13. lol just scrap all the ppvs TNA. Just quit already
  14. Shitty move.

    They desperately wanted to be an alternative in wrestling, and with that they've dwindled down to Destination America with 2 PPVs.
  15. Lockdown was the best ppv, wth. Lots of weird decisions from TNA of late.
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  16. New network is a smaller one than Spike, which means less money for TNA. They simply have to do some decisions like this one if they don't wanna lose big money.
  17. Things must be bad if TNA are struggling for cash despite not paying :hogan: anymore. (I think)
  18. I guess we'll really know how bad (or if they're not so bad) things are when Impact debuts on Destination 'MURICA. Although they ARE in NYC, so we might have to deal with no titantron + sparkly entrance again... I hope they at least set up a small screen.

    Anyone know how well tickets have sold? I took a look at the 3 days, it looks to me like Day 1 and Day 3 have sold decently, few tickets left but I'm sure they will sell out soon. Day 2 looks a bit more worse, but tbh that's the day that's not been as hyped up for me AND of course, 3 days in NYC worth of tickets seem to be mostly gone.
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