Lockdown to have all the matches in the cage again

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  1. Listening to sports radio and during an annoying ad wanted some noise in the background and turned that on, Dixie announced that the original Lockdown concept of "all matches in the steel cage" is back.

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  3. It does make sense. I mean, I'm of the opinion that, if you're going to have a gimmick PPV based around a type of match, then all the matches should be in that type of match.

    Obviously, MITB and the Royal Rumble are the exceptions (mainly because they're the only such gimmick PPV's I really like).

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    Sounds sick, Joe in a cage and motivated? Colour me excited.
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  6. This should be good I think. TBH I started watching TNA in 2011.
  7. Hmm, although I can see where you are coming from I disagree.

    My reasoning is just that I personally become mentally fatigued by watching too many gimmick matches on a single PPV, I get a little bored watching the same gimmick match over and over. My issue with TNA lockdown in the past was that all matches were in the cage, I think there are only so many ways a cage match can go and watching 7 or 8 cage matches is surprisingly boring.

    Another note about TNA and cage matches...they have too many IMO, when I hear a cage match announced on Impact there is little emotion evoked as it has been seen so many times, it does not feel 'special' as such anymore.

    I would rather have maybe just two cage matches at a PPV like this...this is more than adequate for a three-hour PPV.

  8. The recently updated TNA Lockdown card has further reinforced how I feel about the PPV having all scheduled matches inside the steel cage to be honest. Does anybody think Samuel Shaw Vs. Mr Anderson is a PPV quality match that deserves to be inside a Steel Cage? I do not for one. Sam Shaw has not built a good enough TNA reputation to qualify for this match opportunity IMO, zero interest at all in seeing this contest.

    Gail Kim Vs. Madison Rayne for the Knockouts title? This will 100% be my poo-break, the Knockouts division is dead at the moment and I do not think this Cage match will invigorate it at all.

    My other issue is the Kurt Angle Vs. EC3 contest, Kurt looks like a man who is accepting his career is almost over. Kurt's eyes seem sadder than ever right now (could just be age and alcohol) and his injuries are evident within his walking stride so pitting him in a cage match or any contest is extremely risky for his health. I believe this contest should be a normal singles match.

    ^ These are some of the issues I have regarding all matches taking place under one gimmick.
  9. Maybe it's just the new fan in me (and tagging @Dolph'sZiggler to see his more knowledgable opinions on the topic) but I prefer all the matches being in the cage.

    The cage match really doesn't mean all that much in 2014. They happen all the time when they don't need to (hell, Eric Young has already had more cage matches than Hulk Hogan) and after seeing LMS matches, hardcore matches, Hell in a Cells... yeah, the cage match feels like one of the tamest specialty matches you can do. You can't take that back at this point, so you may as well have this show feel special and unique and different. Plus it's another way they can make themselves look cooler than WWE and that's always a plus.

    Have heard the complaint that "all the matches feel the same at Lockdown"... really? I never felt that way.

    You brought up Shaw and Anderson, well having all the matches in the cage does kinda make the matches like Shaw and Anderson seem less ridiculous. Take last year's for example, we had Kurt Angle and Wes Brisco as one of the cage matches, which shined a glaring light on it as to say "WHY IS THIS IN A CAGE"... then you add in how that AND the Main Event both ended because of outside interference (plus the Elimination Chamber finish being fresh in our minds) and... yeah, there's no point in protecting the "cage match" concept at this point. So lets just enjoy the show!

    Wonder what the phrase "ppv quality" means in 2014, but will make a separate thread as that's more of a WWE complaint.
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  10. I like the fact that Lockdown is having all matches in the cage, it's the name of the PPV might as well use it on every match knowing it's there, although I do believe It does take some quality out of what these matches used to be.

    Off-Topic: Will there be a Lockdown Live Discussion on Sunday?
  11. In regards to your response on Shaw Vs. Anderson I do not personally agree that the gimmick of a Cage match makes it seem less ridiculous, I guess my point was more to do with his characters build up and in-ring action so far as opposed to how the Cage will effect the contest. Myself? I would not have had this match on the card at all.

    However I do agree and can understand where you are coming from when you mention Angle Vs. Brisco, this was a good contest a year ago but can Angle do it now? A year may not seem like long to you and I but Angle's body is looking worse than ever and I am worried for him.

    We can assess what PPV quality means for TNA after reviewing Lockdown this sunday I guess :emoji_slight_smile:

    Thanks for the response bro
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  12. Dixie scraping the bottom of the barrell as she knows her company is over
  13. That all makes sense. Here in fantasy-booking land, assume you'd rather save the blowoff for Bully/Anderson for Lockdown (really, Bully Freakin' Ray isn't on this card?) and I can't make an argument against that. This is very rushed and Shaw hasn't proven himself to be worth putting on PPV yet in the ring, but can't say I'm not intrigued or know wha'tll happen, lets see where this goes. (Also agree on your call of killing off the KO's division that's on life support right now. Once they can bring in PLENTY of new girls, bring it back.

    Haha, by that I meant when you were talking about how "Does anyone think it's a PPV quality match?". Seems like most pay-per-view cards have at least 3 matches on them that aren't what you'd expect to pay for. Again that may not be as big an issue for TNA since matches on Impact exist to further storylines and here they get more of a chance to stand alone.

    No problem! Been too long since a good debate has happened on here.

    Just like you're scraping the bottom of the barrel for insults?
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  14. Although I was not a huge fan of the Bully/Anderson feud I agree they could have had them face off in a cage, one of the gimmick matches they did not face each other in haha. Pretty surprised that Bully Ray is not scheduled to be on the card at Lockdown however I hope he makes an appearance as I have enjoyed his character (especially during his two TNA Heavyweight Title reigns).

    Completely agree with you here man, I guess in hindsight many WWE and TNA PPV's (especially WWE) possess contests that are not PPV-worthy in terms of what you are paying. For example: I do not expect to see Titus O'Neill Vs. Darren Young on a WWE PPV card, period.

    Good discussing with you dude!
  15. Oh Oh Oh, Maybe Bully Ray to cost Team MVP the contest with Team Dixie at Lockdown?

    PS: Sorry should have just edited this in to my last post :aries:
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