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    You will see an individual section where I have added some reminders to the rules of the Locker Room. People recently are abusing the leniency that we offer, so it's a nice reminder for you right there.

    Please report posts that you find to be breaking those rules.

  2. On the whole write text with an image/no short posts rule. I honestly feel that some times an image or a short post is all that is necessary. For example if someone is asking a yes or no question, I get it "increases forum quality" to write a 30 word reply, but is it honestly necessary when a simple no would suffice? The same applies to images, sometimes an image is all that is necessary. And no I'm not trying to get the rules changed or revoked, I just feel that that needs to be said to an admin that isn't a close-minded douche like Omni.
  3. I understand where White Panda's coming from but I'm sure Crayo wouldn't mind that on very rare occasions, as like you've said we can't always write a lot just for a simple answer. I sometimes write a lot and sometimes don't, it's all dependent on the topic in hand, therefore I feel that you should slightly be lenient on that rule if it happens on rare occasion.
  4. Yeah that's completely fine, I'm not going to add a character limit which is what I would do if I absolutely wanted no short posts. I agree, sometimes a short post is all that's needed. But sometimes there's threads about completely different subjects and people would randomly reply with an off-topic image or one word post. If the on-topic then you can post whatever you want. That's the point I'm sort of trying to make. Last thing we want here is the Locker Room to be like 4chan, but we still want it to be the fun place to go where you're more "free" to do as you please.