Logical Debut for Sting

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kooldip, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. Taker makes his return and makes his way to the ring. He grabs the mic but suddenly Sting will debut wearing a bee costume and a stinger coming out of his backside. He will buzz out to the stage as Taker will look on with confusion. Then Sting will tell the world a secret... HE CAN CONTROL ALL BEES. Taker will show shock as Sting explains that he knows that Taker has an irrational fear of bees, to which Taker says, "IT WAS YOU!" Sting will laugh and "say, yes, it was me! I knew you were afraid of bees, so one day I saw you playing with matches and I sent one of my minions to you. He buzzed by your huge forehead and the shock caused you to drop your lit match and light the entire funeral parlor on fire, leading to Kane being burned." DUH DUH DUUUH! Taker gets very angry and lightning bolts strike everywhere, but Sting deflects all of them with his newly aquired bee eyes, causing the crowd to go nuts. Stephanie comes out, weak at the knees due to that captivating performance, claims that segments was the bees knees and makes the match for Wrestlemania.

    ...I'll post something normal soon!
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  2. Scale of one to retarded, where do you stand?
  3. :dafuq: Did I just read?
    Share hugs not drugs bro.
  4. LOL. Keep writing more!
  5. ...... this is why I love you Kooldip.
  6. Around a 2 probably
    I will take this in to consideration!
    Lol I don't want it to sound forced, otherwise I would have kept going

    This wasn't a serious post if that wasn't apparent, I'm was just goofin around lol... unless this actually happens :henry:
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  7. :fap:
  8. Tonight is the night, boys!
  9. Kooldip! Kooldip!Kooldip! Kooldip!

    It took me a while to type this because...well...at first I was wondering if I had somehow ingested ecstasy....then I wondered what was actually in my Coke Zero.

    After I realized this was reality, I laughed my ass off.

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  10. They must have been too overwhelmed when they read this and decided it would have been too much for the crowd to handle. I'd like to think I was close though.
  11. No idea why I hated way back when, this was a solid cheap laugh.
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  12. You're just a hater. I'm never gonna forgive that one star rating, lad.
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  13. Lol how did this get revived :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    The logical Debut for him BTW would be at Survivor Series interfering in that ME 6 team tag match prlly with Team Authority vs Team Cena.. Ending with Ziggler pinning 3 ppl thanks to Sting helping out at the end and then using his finisher on Triple H and assisting him a few weeks ago from now.. If that didn't happen I don't know WHAT WILL!
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