Logical or surprises?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. I've read people complain, and rightly so at times that the current WWE can be a bit too predictable at times. So what would you prefer logical booking you can predict or something so out of there that it makes 0 sense but gives you a shock. This is just a theoretical idea of the two extremes so please refrain from sitting on the fence. Pick your side.
  2. I'm not going to pick a side.
    The thing is, it can be predictable, surprising, logical, etc..
    We are still watching, and enjoying most of it. (Let me repeat: Most of it.)
    So I will always love and watch WWE even if they will set up Santino vs Orton at Mania. (Just an example.)
    So they can do anything with it, I'll still love and watch it with all my heart.
  3. In between.

    At the moment I can predict 9/10 outcomes which is so annoying as a fan, unless of course the outcome is retarded (not saying if I'm not right it's retarded). However, if it's like Nexus buries Undertaker alive (like 2 years back) then it's never mentioned why or no-follow up it's just as bad.

    However if I was to prefer one, it'd be the random ones. I love being surprised, makes a bad PPV good instantly. It needs to be inbetween, like NXT rookies attack the whole of RAW then they use the next 2 months putting them over and explaining why (young guys wanting contracts, tired of being embarrassed). That's the example of a fucking good story-line.
  4. Can't say one over the other. Sometimes a surprise just sucks ass and sometimes the logical thinking is bogus.
  5. Like Riley or Gabriel beating someone like Swagger or Sheamus in all of a sudden?
  6. The OP said to 'Pick your side' and I will do just that.

    I'll take logical. Many times I've turned off TNA for far too many surprises.

    "They" or Immortal was such a big surprise....Ric Flair coming to TNA was such a big deal...Blows

    Heel turn, face turn ... surprise after surprise after surprise.... Lame

    Give me RoH or even WWE. It may not excite me, but it doesn't necessarily turn me away.
  7. Oh yeah can anyone give me a link to a ROH show too? Never really seen ROH for real.
  8. I tried PM'ing you but it said your quota was reached, so I'll just post this here


    ^10th anniversary PPV that was from last Sunday. Best match of the night was the Bucks vs the Briscoes. Nobody does tag team wrestling like ROH
  9. Thanks @[Dolph'sZiggler]!
  10. NP man credit goes to Draine who hookd me up with that link
  11. No problem guys.

    I'd say shocking, I really miss TNA of 2011.
    Wrestling does leave me with kind of an empty feeling nowadays, and with Russo around, I always had some emotion about the show and the characters involved. There was always a reason to tune in, and always something to talk about.

    Raw hyping up the ME of 'Mania was good and logical (my personal feelings about the Rock aside) but I was more interested in talking to Jose Tortilla about Kaitlyn. I get tired of seeing a "ranking list" wrestlers on each show, and the higher-ranked person going over each time. I get tired of pay-per-views like Elimination Chamber where they charge $45 to do virtually nothing where @[Thewindyfan] hypes up the show better than WWE itself. (Even worse, people buy them.) We need shock back in wrestling.
  12. Good post. The more I think about it, the more I'm outraged at the price when you're effectively paying for nothing at times.
  13. How do I hype a show exactly, I just want to know because I'm mentioned :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  14. When we were talking about it in discussion threads, we actually make it sound watchable, we're the reasons he tunes in basically. Then the show disappoints us. Lol.
  15. That's why Fed-X was born right?
  16. Crayo knows all.
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