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  1. i say we change the logo the rest of the month we got nothing Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  2. How bout put a little pink ribbon on the side of it and call it a day
  3. Looks nice. Pretty sure Crayo will use it.
  4. The pink will clash too much with the blue so I don't think he will use that specific one. Pretty sure Solidus will make it since he is the go to guy for logos and graphics around here and he is working on something with our top banner anyways if I remember correctly.
  5. No he's not lol Xanth is the guy I go to for anything graphical. Solidus does own a large graphics forum though.

    It's a good idea Webx but the Pink doesn't go, I'd prefer a ribbon or a message or something.
  6. it's a nice way to support the awareness but I don't think we get too many visitors on this site. It's something you'd see on a large websites/forums.

    but I do like that pink banner color so let's keep it permanent. :gusta:
  7. Amazing grammar from Hoss here people.
  8. Hoss is playing Sammy Hamwich again. :haha:
  9. :annoyed:

    i really need to proofread before I post. :upset:
  10. So ironic @[Big Hoss Rambler]. :dawg::dawg:
  11. what's the problem there? if you mean capitalize i, :finger:. idc.
  12. 'W'

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