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  1. I really do not like the new logo. Is there anyway we can just edit the old one and get rid of the xmas parts? I really do not like this logo :/
  2. This logo is 1000000x better. Sssh!
  3. I do not like the font of the image... you shuuush! :emoji_grin: xD
  4. It's temporary anyway. I prefer it to the old one, definitely more wrestling related and in my opinino stylish. Solidus is making a new one today I think, he made this in like 2 minutes lol.
  5. Okay fair enough :emoji_slight_smile: I will just have to cope.
  6. Lol not for long GAF :emoji_slight_smile:.
  7. :eyes hurt: LOL :emoji_grin: xD Oh well, Good luck on continuing to improve the forums.
  8. I got some real nice fonts, later I will take some more time on this.
  9. Awesome! Good luck.
  10. I'm not to fond of the background color. It's alright I guess.
    But whenever I come to you're site I thought the logo should look something like this.
    I know it looks bad, didn't take time on it.
  11. I actually like that logo CM Punk. But we'd need a darker theme definitely.
  12. That 'WWF' logo is copyrighted to them, even though using the word 'WWE' is probably infringing copyright in itself anyway.

    I've always preferred a more generic domain name for this forum, just to avoid any copyright troubles if this forum does get big.
  13. "RAW" "IMPACT!" "SMACKDOWN" "NWO" "WWF" Aren't those copyrighted, they're in the logo.
  14. Most likely.
  15. Actually WWEForums needs a logo that will stay for the next few years.
  16. I own the domain wrestlingforum.org as a backup.

    In theory, everything is copyrighted to WWE here. But I suppose we'd need a proper ToS to cover our asses. I don't think WWE are the sort to care though, unless we were claiming ownership of anything which we're not. We openly say we're a fan-forum. If anything our sort of forums help WWE.
  17. So is Solidus making the logo today or?
  18. I like the idea of that domain better. You got more to expand on with it than WWE.
  19. Already a rival forum with the same name with a different extension, wouldn't want to just copy that.

    Our domain is doing great for us with SEO aswell, so I want to avoid transferring. It's just there as a backup. And a good backup at that.
  20. Logo goes away if I put my mouse over it.