Lol Ambrose/Rollins shit themselves at Big Show

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  1. Lol Ambrose/Rollins shit themselves at Big Show knocking out Reigns my god that was so funny and just shows what pussys they are. I told you all they are pussys
  2. Kayfabe: "term used to describe the illusion (and up-keep of the illusion) that professional wrestling is not staged (i.e. that the on-screen situations between wrestlers represent reality). Also used by wrestlers as a signal to close ranks and stop discussing business due to an uninformed person arriving in earshot. The term is said to have been loosely derived from the Pig Latin pronunciation of the word "fake" ("akefay")."
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  3. Man, it was funny but the E of WWE is for entertaining, it was for sure it was going to happen
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  5. I dont know why i always click the link, i can tell a BLFFL thread as well as a TEENGOHANRANDYSAVAGE6425 :pipebomb: thread. They were pretending to be scared of big show, it's fake. You go to the play and call 911 when romeo and juliet kill themselves? :facepalm:
  6. Big Show >>> Reigns, Ambrose, Rolins
  7. Gohan> BLFFL

    Oh, wait. I'm not an idiot.
  9. Ah glad to see douche bags never change :yay: Now enough of Crayo, BLFFL, learn to scout talent.
  10. Crayo, might as well close this thread. There isn't going to be any intellectual conversation whatsoever.
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