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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. They have high value on honoring your parents over there so this isn't surprising.
  2. :phew: Glad to be an American

  3. Even if your parents left you in a box on the side of a road because you were born without the proper equipment.
  4. Happens every day over there... Still, honoring your parents is above most things. I understand honoring your parents but loving and respecting them is whole other ball game.

  5. Not all parents deserve to be respected. A lot of parents suck. If you grew up in a terrible environment created by your parents, rose above that shit and made a decent life for yourself, how would you feel being FORCED to keep in touch with those shitheads?
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  6. This isn't even that bad to be honest. I know the law is hilarious and the court cases that could happen will be pathetic, but it's not the worst thing in China.
  7. I would rather my parents think I'm visiting them because I love them, not because I'm forced too. That is why I have a major problem with this law.

  8. well no shit, it is just hilariously stupid
  9. To our culture I guess. How are the Chinese civilians reacting to it? Not all of China is under so much oppression iirc, so I'm unsure if this will apply to all, or be enforced to all.
  10. *Military breaks into your home and slams you against the wall* GUYS BECAREFUL! They're extremely dangerous! They didn't visit their parents!!
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  11. I agree but to me.. Honor is a regard of respect that can't be disputed. I can honor my mother/father but not respect her/his choices.
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