LOL Meltzer thinks WWE can steal Japanese golden boy

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. LOL. Just lol. @"Candy Colored Clown" get in here. Is there any possibility of this happening at all?

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  2. Heard of this before. They want him because he was in TNA (know English good, I guess), they like his character, plus he's taller than an average Japanese wrestler.

    Do not enter if you don't want to spoil yourself the WK 7 main event result:

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    Okada lost to Tanahashi. Let the talk begin.
  3. What for? Just so they can release Yoshi Tatsu and have him wrestle once a year on Asian tours only and put him on Youtube show for the rest of the year? They seem not to utilize Japanese stars well.
  4. I understand the reasoning if this is true. It would be logical for WWE to invest in Japanese main event talent and try expanding into the Asian market, Japan especially considering how big wrestling is in Japan. Okada is young, a big man for a Japanese man and talented in spades.

    I just wonder if they would handle him right. WWE's track record with Japanese wrestlers aren't the best. I'd like to see Okada in the WWE but only if handled right.
  5. Meltzer aside, if WWE wants some Japanese star I'm sure they will get him. They've got the yen to get the job done.
  6. I was listening to JR on Podcast, and he says the problem is that Vince and his cronies are stuck in WWII, implying that
    Okada would be the stereotypical anti-American heel ala Mr. Fuji or such. the same might go for Asuka and Shinsuke
    Nakamura if he's still in charge when they come to the main roster. I hope so though. from the match I saw with him
    against Nakamura on Youtube, he is amazing and would be a terrific addition.
  7. Thing is, New Japan knows this guys value. The dude makes double what Cena makes already every year apparently. And has a 5 million a year marketing budget attached him and him alone. Vince would really have to pay up to get this guy to up and leave.

    Not to mention Okada saying he has zero interest in going to WWE.

    Never say never is a pretty good phrase in wrestling, but odds are stacked against McMahon on this one.
  8. well, given JR's statement that VInce and company's mindset is WWII era and that the Japanese wrestlers we have seen here-Tajiri,
    Funaki, Michinoku-don't rise above mid-card level and are expected to play to stereotypes, I would politely tell the WWE to fuck
    themselves as well if I was the Rainman.
  9. For the amount of money Vince would have to shell out to get Okada to even consider such a thing, I doubt he'd keep Okada on the mid card. He'd likely want to feature him as much as possible to get some of his money's worth. But yeah, I don't see Vince ever even wanting to do that.

    But the likeliness of this happening is probably as close to zero as it can be. I get several Japanese wrestling magazines and going to WWE has been brought up several times to Okada in these magazines and his responses are just dismissive. But that's part of his character. He is very dismissive. However his comments about WWE actually exhibit a level of disdain for the idea. He exhibits a level of bitterness about his short time in TNA. He feels WWE would be no different than that.

    One of the biggest factors, however, is that Okada simply loves Japan. He has mentioned that he likes touring in the US and doing ROH shows, but would not want to spend the amount of time away from Japan that he would have to if he is in the WWE.

    I agree with Stopspot, never say never in wrestling. But this is probably about as likely as Eric Bischoff signing Vince McMahon as a jobber at the height of the Monday Night War.
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  10. Kazuchika Okada is genuinely the most important wrestler in the entire of Japan, Vince would have to spend ungodly amounts, so much so that Okada would have to retrieve the AJ Styles push of World Champion within a year but make that about World Champion within a month. The only chance this has of happening is if Vince goes mad with power and tries to kill Japanese wrestling by buying out Japanese stars.
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