LOL Mexico and the Juan Cena Restaurant

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Mar 20, 2016.

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  1. "In what is quite possibly the strangest story of the week, it appears a restaurant has popped up in Mexico called #john cena Burger and Taco.

    In case you were thinking this is a weird coincidence and some other John Cena happened to open a restaurant, you can see in the photographs on the restaurant's Foursquare page there is a huge sign bearing Cena's image on top of the building.

    Smaller places such as this will often name items after celebrities, so there's probably a Cena Colada or something similarly creative on the menu.

    Let's have a little fun. What Cena-related menu items can you come up with?"

    Care to play the game? lol
  2. Haha WWE will probably sue the shit out of them and have JBL March down there to give the owner a clothsline from hell
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  3. They can get sued for that, but it's not U.S.

    Nothing WWE can do at this point and avoid any WWE events in the area.

    I wouldn't bother suing them, let the "company" die out, and go on their way. It's not going to last any longer. John Cena should feel flattered though, because if a country is trying to make you a tourist attraction, hey... fuck it, let it happen. It just means better business.

    Mexico currently is dangerous territory, but eh. If WWE wants to pursue this through the end, more power to them. I wouldn't waste my time, but more power to them.
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  4. Even if they choose to do nothing, which is unlikely... Vince don't like getting screwed.. John Cena is an owned character of the WWE and they can in fact sue. He is trade marked.
  5. Yeah, but not in Mexico. That's why the business is there. It's kind of a bravado attitude. "WWE, come after me, if you fucking dare!"

    'cause right now... cartels in Mexico is taking over. If John Cena goes in there or Vince goes in there telling them to stop doing that shit, they'll be shot. Trust me. Mayors and Governors have been shot over there already. It's pretty the "Old West" over there, right now. Not even the president can go on record to say "Stop doing that shit." (Not that far, but you understand what I meant here.)
  6. True but you have to figure Vince nor Cena would do anything themselves directly and Vince knows people in high places and low places. I am sure if anything does happen, the news wont even know about it.
  7. I agree, and disagree. I disagree that Vince or Cena has connections in Mexico. Otherwise, you know, Mexico is corrupt at this point. I just told you that Mexico has a lot of cartels controlling the area.
  8. I know plenty and have people who live close to Mexico. I know it is a mess but money is all it takes. That is the case if anything were to be done about it. Honestly, Vince would be greedy to care. It isn't like the restaurant is going to make loads of money anyways. lol
  9. That's the spirit!
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Carne Asada tacos or :gtfo:
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  12. Carne Asada tacos or burritos or GET. THE. FUCK. OUTTA HERE! :emoji_slight_smile:

    lol, awesome post, man.
  13. If they wanna avoid any law suits they put of purple mask over his head and rename the place "Juan Cena", remember that from 2010 anyone?
  14. I don't juanna remember it
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