Lol, Sin Cara is incredibly awesome and Titus O'Neil is making him look like ass

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. :laugh: :lol1:

    Did Sin Cara go off and injure himself again?
  2. Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    Isn't that move more Titus's fault though?
  3. Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    It is Titus's fault, his shoulder was blocking Cara from getting his head out.
  4. RE: Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    He's OK, it wasn't a bad injury.
  5. RE: Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    This must be the first time ever Cara has been involved in a WWE botch that wasn't his fault :pity1:
  6. Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    Never liked Cara, he's boring.. but this wasn't his fault.

  7. Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    Excuse me? Shame on you, Rain..
  8. Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    @[JohnCenaFan] You need to understand why Rain said that. Sin Cara, while a talented luchador has until just recently sucked at wrestling in a WWE ring because he doesn't wrestle a WWE adapted style. He wrestles pure lucha which is much more high pace and aerial based. He has injured multiple wrestlers in the WWE because of this and himself. He was pushed too early since he was never sent to NXT (then FCW) to learn how to wrestle in the WWE. He also doesn't speak a single word of English which prevents him from communicating with other wrestlers unless they also speak Spanish. This caused him to injure and almost injure multiple wrestlers, nearly breaking Heath Slaters neck at one point.

    Whilst Cara is fun to watch. He is way too dangerous in the ring and prone to injuring himself and others and thus he sucks, because he cannot be counted on to run a safe match.
  9. RE: Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

  10. Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    @[JohnCenaFan] Thankfully he seems to be working on adapting lately, he works a much slower pace now and with Rey Mysterio leading him on he is slowly but surely getting better. One of the main reasons WWE recruited Cara was to get a successor to Rey Mysterio when he retires. Rey speaks both Spanish and English so he is teaching Sin Cara how to work a WWE style match. He will be great, it just needs to take time.

    And he needs to stop pulling guns on people (this is just a rumor though)
  11. RE: Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    @[Stopspot] Yeah, I notice that alot now.
  12. RE: Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    Edited, because these guys are right.

    This reminded me of when Goldberg speared DDP and knocked himself out. Saw that, remembered that, and posted without re-watching.

    I've always thought botches were overrated (although if this was his fault it would be hilarious), they just happen. My issue with Sin Cara is that he has a few overly choreographed spots and no rhyme or reason to any of them.
  13. RE: Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    I wouldn't even say he's fun to watch. He's pretty boring, same moves each match without any "explosiveness"
  14. RE: Lol, Sin Cara still sucks

    I agree with you a little. :smug:
  15. Love the new title lmao
  16. Sin Cara is improving. Rey Mysterio seems to have helped Sin Cara out a lot and hopefully they can have a match at WrestleMania or compete another young-talented tag-team, that'd be awesome.
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