Lol this "news story" popped up on my Yahoo..

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Extraterrestrial, May 28, 2013.

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  1. WTF is he wearing in that picture? J get your swag back son.
  2. They can't handle J Biebs swag.
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    I'd say let him crash, but he'd be ruining a perfectly good Ferrari.

    In before "How can you say that just because you dislike his music?:" Hardly heard any of his songs; it's his tendency to be a bitch that I don't like.

    Guy looks like Ellen without the humor and is only half as much a man.
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  4. I wouldn't miss him. His 15 minutes are almost up anyway.
  5. He's such a prima-donna. Even when he fucks off there will be a new version of him waiting to piss us all off.
  6. His label clearly want him to appear badass now, but I'm unsure why. His fan base is young girls who slit their wrists when he smoked a bit of weed, so why would they want him to alter his image?
  7. I'm guessing to appeal to a wider audience. Either that or the fame has gotten to him.
  8. Biebs doesn't do shit to appease his label. He's just as real as the streets. Fuck haters
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