Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. So epic fail at The Slammy's as apparently I'm watching the 2012 awards! Jeez man really???

    Crap thread I know but made me laugh

    Sorry if a thread somewhere but avoiding spoilers in wrestling sections.

    Is this a BLFFL quality thread?

    Thoughts and opinions on all the above below.
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  2. Laughed my ass off as well, brah..

    Such a fail for a company like 'E..
  3. Is this sarcastic to mock the product or are you being serious, I suspect the latter.
  4. Even for the WWE thats a pretty big fail but I laugh because how they mess up each week is more entertaining than the product at times. Thats where my entertainment comes from its great.
  5. I thought so, I haven't watched in months so wasn't sure if they fucked up or it was just because they repeat shit often with new faces ( sometimes) coolio daddyio.
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  6. Also JBL's commentary during the Sin Cara match was epic going on about it being a new Sin Cara then laughing as it really is.
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