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    Do you follow any?

    To clarify: A lolcow is a victim of a flame war who can't help but be milked for lulz. Aka a person who's actions put him in comical situations for all the world to see online.

    So do you follow any lolcows online? Back in 09 I used to follow Chris-Chan and Tom Preston sporadically. But over the Christmas holidays due to finding out about Chris-Chan getting arrested for macing a Gamestop employee, I've fallen into the rabbit hole and read up on his escapades. I've never interacted with any lolcow in any way personally, but just observed.

    Do you have a favorite cow?
  2. CWC is my nigga
  3. wtf is this
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  4. I still cannot believe he "recycles his semen." I didn't laugh much at his stuff....the only lolcows I like would be staged shit like tourettes guy
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