Long Lost Brother/Sister

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. I was bored so made up a game.
    So, from the choices below, form a full name.
    Once you have the name, do a Google image search...
    And the first human/person on the list is your long lost brother or sister!

    Then post a photo with the name! Should be pretty funny.

    Birthday (number of day)
    *First Name*
    1- Alan
    2- Barbra
    3- Mark
    4- Sabrina
    5- Kyle
    6- John
    7- Jack
    8- Tom
    9- Dale
    10- Michelle
    11- Tara
    12- Kelly
    13- Nick
    14- Bill
    15- Gail
    16- Vince
    17- Dave
    18- Shawn
    19- Eve
    20- Lynn
    21- Sandy
    22- Lilly
    23- Ted
    24- Robin
    25- Danny
    26- Henry
    27- Frank
    28- Phil
    29- Jen
    30- Emily
    31- Scott

    Birth Month
    *Middle Initial*
    January: A.
    February: B.
    March: D.
    April: F.
    May: G.
    June: S.
    July: T.
    August: W.
    September: M.
    October: N.
    November: H.
    December: L.

    Favorite Color *Last Name*
    Black: Jackson
    White: Cole
    Red: Johnson
    Orange: Fredrick
    Yellow: Marshall
    Green: Bryant
    Blue: Williams
    Purple: James
    Pink: Parsons
    Brown: Little
    Silver: Black
    Gold: Green
  2. I couldn't choose between blue or green so went with my second favorite, Silver.

    Robin. B. Black
  3. Cute. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Jen N. James (so of course the image results were mostly of two people, lol)

  4. Sabrina W Johnson

  5. Well, You just get a brother and sister then! :smug:
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  6. She's shy. :pity::dawg:
  7. Gail A. Williams


    Guess she's "horny" hoo hoo :jeritroll:
  8. So I got Shawn T. Bryant.

  9. Jen G. Johnson
  10. Tom M.Black


    There was a gay sex photo next to it :ohgod:
  11. Mark B. James

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