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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 11, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys, how's it going?

    I haven't logged on for a long time and have planned for quite a while now to come on and see how everyone is. Unfortunately I'm busy as fuck almost all the time which isn't the best for someone who is also the world's biggest procrastinator.

    I have a few questions, wrestling related and community related.

    Is Seabs still around? (Same question applies for DZ, Hoss, Snow, Stop, and other oldies I know)
    Is the forum still going well?
    Is WWE still shite? (inb4 le wild Stopspot defending it)
    Has anything noteworthy/hilarious happened that you know I will enjoy?

    I'll think of some more no doubt. Happy to see you all <3.

    Love you


    Edit: Question 1 is sort of answered by browsing the homepage, but I've not seen any Seabs related stuff.
  2. Seabs is here, no longer mod though.
    Forum is good and so is WWE. Even I watch regularly.
  3. 1. Yeah
    2. Yeah
    3. Yeah
    4. It's aii
    5. Gohan's auditon tape for Tough Enough.
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  4. Ambrose is the WWEWHC so all is well
  5. Can someone who isn't a WWE noob mark answer the WWE question?

    Btw Jay, I love and miss you. Black Ops 3 sessions when it comes out?
  6. Really? Holy shit. Can you link me some awesome Ambrose promos? CBA to watch matches, just want his segments and beautiful mic skills to kill some time.
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  7. Wow. Rude.
    Kevin Steen beat John Cena clean. Samoa Joe is in WWE.
  8. I posted that when I only saw Jay's post, not yours. You're not a noob <3

    How're you darling?
  9. You know, just thinking about the day that you'll come back here and start posting again. <3
  10. You actually missed Jose a few weeks ago.

    We're trucking on. Some days are better than others but we're doing well. The new chat function that can be connected to the LDs is great.

    Kevin Steen beat John Cena CLEAN in his first ever main roster match. Samoa Joe is with the WWE full time. Ambrose has stolen the WWE belt (lots of hijinks and dusty finishes between him and Rollins. He pinned Rollins but it was reversed because of something something swerve). I'll leave it at that. Product has been solid all over tbh. Nothing blow away, but solid and entertaining.

  11. All these happened recently.

  12. WWE is pretty good if you pick out only the best parts:

    1. Seth Rollins became the first-ever man to cash in MITB briefcase at a Wrestlemania and thus became the first Shield member to win the WWE Championship.
    2. Sting finally debuted in WWE and then did a clean job to HHH in his first match ever with the company... because reasons.
    3. Roman Reigns is a top babyface.
    4. John Cena is in the midcard carrying the United States Championship.
    5. Kevin Owens beat John Cena cleanly in his first match on the main roster.
    6. Dean Ambrose is actually getting title shots! Even if it's clear his time to win the title hasn't come yet.

    Those are some highlights.
  13. Notice me Lord Senpai
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  14. Cynthioooooooooo
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  15. Weird, I never log in and I decided to today. SEABS SUCKS
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  16. Wrestling has been horrible imo
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  17. Maybe. :hmm:
    And fuk u bich.
  18. Hi. Can I move in w you bb
  19. WWE is decent to me, but that's because I skip most of the boring/pointless bits. I wouldn't for the life of me watch it live, though.
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