Summerslam Longest PPV?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Aug 16, 2018.

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  1. So according to what I just read, this PPV is going to be 6 and a half hours. Thinking back, Wrestlemania was just over 7 hours earlier this year. There is a chance that this year's SummerSlam out does Wrestlemania in terms of time.

    What's wrong witchu WWE?


    Wrestlemania needs to be the biggest and longest event of the year and not but a small fraction of time. Making this PPV this long kind of cheapens that and also... Why the heck does it have to be 6.5 hours long!?

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  2. All that is counting to pre-show to which nobody will watch.. I really feel sorry for the live audience, i can't imagine going to a show for 6+ hours.
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  3. Based on the ones (pre-shows) I have seen, a good chunk of people who do attend PPVs live aren't in their seats until the main show starts.
  4. 6 and a half hours of WWE? I thought cruel and inhuman punishments were banned in the United States?
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  5. long as Becky & Ronda leave carrying Championships...
    then I don't care how long it is.

    All I want Carmella & Alexa Bliss in arm slings by the end of the night!

    Also consider the fact I don't watch these events live and can skip
    through all the "filler" as I my opinion is kind of mute.
  6. I'm not big on Ronda but I do like Becky... But Carmella needs to piss off and Bliss needs a new angle.
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  7. Neither am I...but I'd rather have her as the Champion than "Whore Hands" Bliss...

    EVERYONE likes Becky...

    Can both Carmella & Alexa just piss off for like a year?

    Can we just lock them in a cupboard or something?
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  8. They can start a YouTube series "Locked In A Cupboard". They can hide from Enzo and NoChins.
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  9. ...the brand new series where we take a couple of WWE
    Superstars and lock them in cupboard until they run out
    of air...I mean...until they give up & ask to be released.
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  10. I don't...
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  11. They can let Zach Ryder host it.

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  12. Yes you do!

    Stop playing mind games Brother Sheik...
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  13. No mind games here brother... She's alright, i'd prefer her over some of the women, but i just don't like her that much.

    Ok, i like her a little bit.. Just a tiny bit.
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  14. Yeah...which is like saying I like Rosemary "just a tiny bit"

  15. I wouldn't doubt it being the longest PPV ever. It's WWE. :/
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  16. Yeah, no not watching it.
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