Look who was at RAW last night

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    Probably thought it was Ric Flair didn't you :maybe:
  2. Nope, considering I already saw this. :umad:

    Beths boobies :gusta:
  3. Oooh lala!! Cutie pie. Thought you was gonna say >>>> Mr. Maddox
  5. Wonder if it's awkward with him being on semi-bad terms with WWE. Anyway yeah, her boobs.
  6. Why didn't he have a speech, then? I'm mad at him. But I can't stay mad, tho. :damn:
  7. Nice to know.
  8. He's not under any WWE contract.
  9. Is it gay how I noticed Edge's new haircut then moved on without spotting the tits?
  10. I know.. I mean a speech as a Hall of famer.
  11. Again, not under contract with the WWE. He has no obligation to go out there. He was there as support for his girlfriend Beth
  12. Out of the storyline?
  13. Yeah. He's not with WWE atm iirc. He was just there for Beth and nothing else.
  14. What a nice boyfriend. :downer:
  15. Edge literally cannot wrestle anymore. If he did he would end up in a wheel chair. And him and Beth have been a couple for almost a year I think now.
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