Looking for some good comedy movies!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. I'm trying to find some good comedy movies that are really funny! So if you have any suggestions can you please post below and I'll be your laywer if you are ever in any trouble. :otunga:
  2. Jay and Silent Bob strikes back.
    Clerks 1 & 2.
  3. Thanks! I'll look them up now and see what they're about!
  4. Anything with Leslie Nielsen. RIP
  5. The Inbetweeners Movie
  6. Seen this movie before, It's fucking awesome! :dawg:
  7. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
    Dumb and Dumber
    Due Date
    The Hangover
  8. Due Date = Terrible
    Hangover = Great

    I've never been a fan of Austin Powers so I might check out Dumb and Dumber :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. I'm so in the mood for Austin Powers now.
  10. All Austin Power movies and also Shawn of the Dead.

    I know, Inbetweeners movie is so awesome and if you haven't seen the series, you need to watch it!
  11. I've got everything for the Inbetweeners and I was thinking Shawn of the dead...I watched it the other day on tv and loved it!
  12. Austin Powers and Hangover ftw
  13. Oh yeh, the Hangover is brilliant when I first watched it.
  14. Dude, Where's my Car?
    Step Brothers
  15. Hangover 1 and 2
    Road Trip
    Euro Trip
    Old School
    Major League 1 and 2
    All the Mighty Ducks Movies (childish tho)
    Hot Fuzz
    Shaun of the Dead
    Mike Basset England Manager
    Producers (Original)
    Four Lions
  16. Killers, Get Smart. :emoji_wink:))
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