Looking For Some RPG Game Titles For 360.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Butters!, Apr 24, 2014.

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  1. As the title has stated, I am looking for some RPG style games for the Xbox 360.
    Could you suggest any game titles? I recently played the demo of vandal hearts and am thinking of getting it but I would like to branch out.

    Thanks, Guys!
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  2. you played Stick of Truth?
  3. I've been battling myself as to weither I want it on PC or Xbox.
    I defiantly will be snatching it up as soon as i can.
  4. Yea it's pretty fun. My XBOX file got corrupted somehow so I've been putting off restarting but I enjoyed it up until the glitch
  5. Dragon age 2. You're welcome
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  6. Blue Dragon was a fun one if you like JRPGs
  7. Is Dragons Dogma on the 360? That's decent, I guess.

    Sadly all the good jRPG's like Ni No Kuni are exclusive to the PS3.
  8. Yeah, Dragon's Dogma was very good.. good recommendation!
  9. Enchanted Arms, FFXIII, Blue Dragon, Stick of Truth, Pretty much any of the elder scrolls, Fallout 3 or New Vegas..
    more for the PS3; Sony loves the RPGs ^_^
  10. Excellent game

    Is it that good, I have a friends copy (no idea if he'll ever want it back) and I started it some, but I liked the way the first played more I think. Maybe I should play it already.

    Apparently I have slightly different tastes. All 3 Mass Effect games are awesome RPGs IMO, but its in a space setting, not sure if that matters. I tried The Last Remnant and it was ok, but I never fnished it. Same with Enchanted Arms. And Infinite Undiscovery (I'm kind of picky). You got your Fables, your Elder Scrolls, your Final Fantasy's. For me, on the 360, Lost Odyssey was an awesome RPG game. Reminiscent of FF games really, but made by Microsoft Studious. I put MANY an hour into this 4 disc game. 4 discs! On the 360! :damn:

  11. Final Fantasy
  12. Heading Towards the Xbox to get some of your suggestions downloaded! Thanks alot guys!

    Didn't expect so many responses!
  13. Is Blue Dragon available on disk?
    So much gore, checked out some youtube videos of it, I love it already.
    Who doesn't own final fantasy? Need to slap those who don't haha.
  14. I absolutely adored fable 3. I did CO.OP for a little bit till a glitch appeared and i couldn't advance through the game any further then i did.
  15. Does anyone own any of the Samurai Warriors?
  16. No no no no. I meant Dragon Age origins. Not 2. That's my fault.
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  17. Give the original a look, it's better. Dragon Age origins. It is so fun, you get tons of choices too in the dialogue that transforms the game. Every decision you make makes an impact.
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  18. Will do! :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Yes it is available on disk.....if you can still find it.
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