Looking Good... Roman + the rogue beer can

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    So yeah. Those punches and such were so fake. You know WWE is fake, right? :reigns:

    Not making a separate thread for this but LOL

  2. Yeah I knew he legit got messed up. Triple h should've let him get looked at though... This is the PG era... And we wouldn't want blood
  3. Probably a kayfabe injury. It definitely ain't no Cena-Rollins nose buster

  4. segment was actually good lol. Very stiff. Match should be excellent at Mania.

    Reigns haters are fuck boys, period lol.
  5. Shame the match isn't going to get the desired result.
  6. The match im sure will be good. And the build will
    Be even better. But, they keep wanting everyone to ride the Roman band wagon no matter what and at any cost. Makes no sense to me at all
  7. Wait, I thought Byron helped Reigns with blading...
  8. I thought it was all Fake with Roman's injury and surgery, looks like they are milking how bad he is beat up again
  9. They over sold it for sure but his nose was busted. Not sure if it was broke or not. Still. Made for an awesome segment.
  10. Funny that most of the fans planning to attend already decided months ago they just wanted to bury the lad for the fuck of it. Forget that he delivers in most of his big matches. Wahhhh he sucks!
  11. To play the devil's advocate. In his big matches, he works with talent who have a history of being good workers and dependable. It is kind of hard having a bad match with say Brock Lesnar or Ambrose.

    And Roman has been horrendously booked for most of 2015. Like there's been a power struggle backstage over it. His rise to the top has started and stopped so many times it is comical.
  12. Most people need someone to have a good match with. Very few can carry a broomstick to 5 stars. And his booking isn't his fault at all but it is the #1 thing people want to use against him.
  13. Booking is more something used to explain his situation rather than condemn it. But it brings the question, doesn't this guy have some say in his booking? He's a top guy and those tend to have at least a say in what they are involved with. Shouldn't he be able to at least alter some elements of his booking so he doesn't come out looking like a chump half the time?
  14. I am sure he has some say but he is no John Cena. He hasn't reached that level, won the crowd over, or invested YEARS in the company. They are trying so hard to put him over that the fans are pissed no matter what he does. I think that is the problem. They need to let the fans like him on their own.
  15. I doubt it considering that most believe Vince is being super hands on with Reigns. Even if the booking behind the push is shotty can you imagine what an ingrate you would seem like to start bitching about your push if you are a young performer in Reign's position?
  16. Apparently Vince isn't as hands on as first believed. There is talk that there is conflict backstage regarding Roman's booking and the company's direction. With one camp consisting of Vince, Kevin Dunn and that crew on one side. And Triple H, Ryan Ward and the executives/team he has built on one side. And Hunter is apparently not as kean on Roman being THE guy as Vince is. And Meltzer and other insiders apparently have confirmed that there is some truth to it. And Roman is stuck in the middle of it all

    It's a long story that has been discussed a lot on the observer forums and such
  17. The "Loading the Fist" to the crotch chop is one of the best things i've seen on Raw in a long time
  18. I was playing pick up basketball last night and these two dudes were discussing HHH/Reigns segment from Monday night lol. Not often I see adult men discussing WWE, but they seemed into it. He was like "Nah man he was laying into Reigns I never seen Triple H do somebody like this"

    The two dudes discussing the Raw segment nearly came to blows later arguing a foul call lol. Good times. oh but the funny thing was they both seemed to be Reigns' fans and were looking forward to his revenge. They were super casual, the type of non smark/child fan that @The GOAT was talking about that I sort of refused to acknowledge their existence. The Overgrown Man Children
  19. Sounds like a game of patty cake would have been more up their alley.
  20. The two dude's in particular and one of their brothers are awful to play with. They are athletic so they think they are amazing at basketball but they are just awful team players with low basketball IQ. Being a short white guy doesn't exactly lead to me getting a lot of passes from them either, they don't care that I'm knockdown.
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