Looks like Daniel Bryan won't win on Sunday.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. Many will argue that I'm wrong but the way RAW went off the air clearly tells us that there is no way in hell he s walking out of MITB with that briefcase..

    He took out both Punk and Orton, climbed the ladder, took the briefcase and started a YES chants as the show went off.
    As much as it pains me to say it, WWE have had a history of booking someone weak before their big win, or booking them strong before their loss at a PPV, and I think this is what we are witnessing here.

    Who will win then???

    I don't really know , but I'm sure we will see a huge swerve Sunday, I don't even exclude Bray Wyatt or even Brock Lesnar from replacing and and winning the match..

    Your thoughts??
  2. I don't think this proves anything really.

    Smackdown Spoiler*

    Show Spoiler
    Randy Orton took out Christian, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus then climbed the ladder and retrieved the briefcase.
  3. Yeah, I've been a bit skeptical from the start. It's TOO obvious he's the front runner.

    I remember making a post like "Daniel Bryan is TOO obvious therefor Sheamus!". I was joking at the time, but I really won't be surprised if Bryan doesn't win.
  4. D Bryan won't win just with CM Punk and Undertaker Cm Punk went into the match thinking he was going to win and everyone else also thought that if any could beat the streak I would be Punk and he was winning the majority of the match and then lost. Same with Cena, Rock WM 28 John Cena had everything riding on that match and then came up short. D Bryan will do the same he expects to win but he won't
  5. What CM Punk said in reply 1. Watch Smackdown and you will get another picture. Bryan is the most likely to win.
  6. Daniel Bryan is very over right now and I wouldn't be surprised if he won at MITB.
  7. I think it's a brilliant move. How often does the clear front runner who dominated everything win? Almost never, but if he does, Oh lord that's some kind of momentum. Keep giving it to him and let him win "e"!
  8. I think it's going to end with Sheamus and Bryan. Bryan is going to finally get that revenge!
  9. Pretty sure this Monday was that revenge. Judging by Smackdown the other guy at the end will be Orton either way (read the spoilers).
  10. Was also worried about this funnily enough, but WWE have done this in the past, so I don't read too much into it. He's gone over Sheamus and Orton cleanly recently, I'm sure he's getting a huge summer push.
  11. Even if he doesn't get a rocket strapped to his back he seems to be locked in to be a steady/big player in the company for years to come.
  12. WWE don't pull that TNA bullshit, they actually let things that are supposed to happen happen. I can't see anyone other than Bryan winning this MiTB briefcase.
  13. I was referring to DB getting revenge over sheamus for Mania. I seen the spoilers and that's why I predicted them two ending the match, with bryan winning.
  14. He got revenge for mania last Monday. Sheamus was mature enough to shake Bryan's hand, ergo Bryan has earned the Irish mans respect. The Kayfabe scales have been evened.
  15. I don't think so... Losing in less than 10 seconds at mania and attacking someone from a handshake doesn't equate properly imo. A big win over him at a PPV for the MITB feels like revenge to me. I get what you're saying though.
  16. Is there really a need for such a "revenge"? This isn't late 90's WCW were everyone tried upping one another for a backstage sense of pride. I honest to god don't think Bryan wants any sort of "revenge" on Sheamus. The 18 seconds is a defining moment in his WWE career. He's one of the top guys, maybe #5 or 4 on the top active guys list now 5 years into his active career. A former world champ, tag champ and US champ with defining reigns.

    Some sort of revenge on Sheamus isn't needed in my opinion. There's no reason digging up something that is by now left in the road dust.
  17. I don't think there is a NEED for it, but it'd be nice to see for me personally. I can't explain how frustrated I was watching his first event at mania go down like that. So does it NEED to happen no, but I think that if it does that it will be pointed out several times from cole/lawler.
  18. If defeating Sheamus in a one on one bout isn't 'revenge', then I can't imagine that winning a ladder match against him (with four other guys involved) will be either.

    What does he need to do, defeat him in 18 seconds or less?
  19. In the main event of Wrestlemania, which airs from Space Mountain, unifying the belts.
  20. No, a big win over him at MITB(Last two in match). I said that already, thanks for the sarcastic reply swine.
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