Looks like JeebaK can't hack us after all....

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. He doesn't say directly but I'm assuming this is the site he means, nothing probably will happen I just found it funny.

    http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=2272446 Thread got removed no bother.
  2. He no good retard, he only has 8 1/3 perchance chance of hacking this site.

    On a serious note, he is legit moron and a dick it's unbeliavable. This guy is an absloute tool and he should be shot by a friggin Smith 'n Wesson shotgun.
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  3. $100 yummy
  4. We're a WRESTLING forum. What pathetic moron would hack a WWE forum? That's so.. awgh, man. Idiot.

    Omg crying. I welcome any HF skid to try.
  6. WTF WHY DO U WANT TO HACK SOMEONE? U know against the law right? this guy hate can call the cop and u put kail for b/c u made a threw to someone to hack the pc which against the laws and even u even u paying someone 1 that even wrost! Just injore him! It now wrooy going to jail over! Even if he a troller and asshole u half bigger if what he was u do b/c by u post this up he winning b/c he getting into ur head and pissing u off which why u made thread about him. That what he want! Trust to guy who make youtube video with his real face on it I would know since the guy all the time on youtube! That make video on me to piss me so I will make video on then. It what that when that people to talk about then just injore then b/c by injore that are LOSING!
  7. We aren't pissed off and he's not "in our heads", we're literally taking the absolute piss out of him.
  8. yet but saying that u want to paid to hack is his PC is against LAW! It is a fearknee! The Cop will take that seruis!
  9. $100? Make it $1000 and you got yourself a deal... :troll: :lol:
  10. You're right, but no one will ever get arrested for that unfortunately. Hack forums is full of it, Hack forums isn't even an illegal website.

    No one on their will be able to hack us. If we do get hacked, we have everything backed up and we'll be back online in no time, like last time. I personally take 2-4 database backups a day, and if we change any site plugins, templates or anything file directed then I take a full backup immediately.
  11. Funky's on @[Crayo]'s mind!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. We need to get a Brodus Clay smilie @[Crayo]!!
  14. #MakeOne :matt:
  15. How do you make these smilies anyway?
  16. I don't, I'm graphics illiterate. :cry:
  17. I know your talent begins and ends at paint, I meant babyface :laugh:
  18. To be honest Paint is even too daunting for me. Tried to design a potential theme for Anonymous in paint, he just laughed. Took me ages :sad:
  19. k let me take this off BITCH
  20. By cropping @[seabs]

    Also, I'll make one if someone finds me a render :/
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