Lord Tensai thoughts?

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  1. What do you think of Lord Tensai's debut/gimmick so far?

    I think his debut has been pretty impactful as of yet. Then again, so has the debut of every other billed monster that has walked down the ramp. I can't say I am convinced that this will last past his first feud.

    I don't see the point in his Japanese manager. We all know A-Train understands English, so he's not a translator. He doesn't seem to have the vibrant personality of Vicki Guerrero, the presence of Paul Bearer, or the mic skills of Ricardo Rodriguez. These are all of course assumptions this early on, but my first impression is already made after 2 appearances and a stale performance.

    I couldn't find any promos whatsoever on Youtube to base my opinion of Albert/A-Train's mic skills on so that is yet to be determined.

    I am concerned as to where his gimmick is going to go, however, when he eventually becomes human. Right now it is an unbeatable big guy from Japan. Then again, Sheamus used to be an unbeatable guy from Ireland, but I can already tell we are dealing with 2 very different personalities.

    Anyone else see a brighter future?
  2. He sucks and he's fat
  3. noted.
  4. Reminds me of Umaga.
  5. He's a follower. If I remember correctly.

    For now he has zero personality, thats by design.

    He will be doing Funkasaurus squash matches for a bit.

    He just isn't used to working wwe match styles yet

  6. Atleast Umaga had some impact. Tensai's just boring.. -__-
  7. He's a big guy who can work to a decent standard, the gimmick is decent as the man who couldn't make an impact in the WWE so went to Japan honed his craft, destroyed all in his path and is treated as a deity over there. Is it cartoonish ? Yes, but it's got potential. People have been crying out for a monster to fill Umaga's void and he could be the one to do.
  8. WWE should hire me, I can do a sick monster gimmick.
  9. orly? I'd like to see.
  10. Hope to make it in the indy's in 3 years.. I would love a Misfit (band) gimmick, or a Heidenreich kind of guy..
  11. I enjoy watching him wrestle as he's a believable monster, but the man can't and won't get over unless he has a very good manager. He's had zero reactions so far, but I'm a fan of his. He reminds me of Umaga (Xanth completely stole that from me), obviously not as good but it's something we all wanted.
  12. I want to see him win a match by Pinfall!
  13. Why? That's not what they are going for!

  14. Yeah they're going for the "he beats them too bad to finish match" thing, but it's pretty stupid. Especially when only 2 weeks ago we had matches at WM where they were practically dead, IE, Taker and HHH. I hate hypocrisy, even if it's kayfabe. Just make it so the wrestlers wrestling him walk out or something.
  15. Completely different situations, Undertaker has always been billed as one of the most resilient wrestlers and at WM he finds that other gear, same as HHH pushing to end the streak. These guys have nothing to fight for so it's kind of realistic that the ref stops it before they get seriously hurt. Take MMA for example a title fight usually is more relaxed when it comes to letting fighters fight than a regular opener.
  16. I know I compared it to a disgusting example, but still, there's been countless matches where the guy is practically dead before they do anything. It's either DQ or pin. Suddenly after 3 or 4 moves they stop a wrestling match because he's "too hurt", where as Mark Henry, Sheamus etc were all allowed during their heel runs. Are we supposed to ignore that?
  17. He kicks A** I'll give him that.
  18. Probably, well either ignore it or compare it and it makes him look more legit. He can destroy people so much in a short period of time that when a face stands up to him he'll put him over. I like it tbh, it's something different. I'm not a huge fan of the gimmick concept but I can see the logic behind it for a change.
  19. Meh, I'm bored of the squashes personally. Ryback is doing the same (but they've added backstage bullshit to his push), we've just seen Brodus Clay do it, Mark Henry done it. I say have something different, but I don't want him anywhere near the ME personally.
  20. I don't want him main eventing tbh, I still wish they brought Anderson with him for the tag team division.
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