Lord Tensai

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. When's he going to debut? What's he going to do?

    Will he be at WM?

  2. Don't know, suck, and I hope not
  3. Got no idea. Debut at WM could be possible.
  4. The guy is what, 41, 42 years old? He's never impressed me in the ring, and honestly has no qualities that impress me period. He's just another old guy taking up the spotlight and holding WWE back from building stars for the future. I don't want his ass around
  5. Lord Tensai is A-Train. :troll:



  6. Could be cool. If he was like a japanese art machinal destroyer or something..
  7. I'm not particularly excited to be honest. Unless he's part of a corporate structure.
  8. That my friend, would rock everyone's tits off.
  10. http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=2718 :otunga:
  11. Ah, didn't notice it. :boss:
  12. Haha, I heard it wasn't a very good site, so maybe it's just a made up story.
  13. Not gonna lie I'm more excited bout taking a dump than this.
  14. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xnt0om_bad-intentions-vs-beer-money-njpw_sport[/video]

    He's improved so much since his days in the WWE it's unreal. He's a big man but he doesn't move like his shoe laces are tied together.
  15. Great vid Seabs

    Does look like he's improved a lot.

    LOLS great no sell of a kick tho round 4.23 to 4.25.
  16. Call me crazy Seabs but I don't see any real marked improvement.. looks about the same as I remember him in WWE
  17. I disagree Dolph's I think if u remember back to Prince Albert theres to me a big improvement from then. I'm still not that excited though will be interesting to see how they use him and what the character is about.
  18. Nothing he did blew me away. He moves okay, but he always did. I didn't see any impressive moves to speak of, any real psychology, any selling, or anything of that nature.
  19. Fair enough I still think he's improved I agree nothing mind blowing but I'm trying to find the positive in the situation as like I've stated I'm kinda underwhelmed by the whole prospect.

    Maybe the character will be good thats bout all I've got.
  20. It was the classic big / lil man tag team match tbh. Anderson was worked over by the heels until Bernand got the hot tag, it's basic psychology but it's lacking in most tag team wrestling now a days. Look at when he tried to get in the match after Roode spat at him then restrained himself to avoid being DQ'd. Or when he powered up after receiving the tag. His actions told the story as did his facial expressions especially when he went for the big charge after whipping them into the corner and the double suplex spot. I'm not saying he's the best worker out there, hell he's probably not even the best man his size but he's an improvement on what they already have in ring at least. As you say he's agile for a big guy and always was but he seems to grasp how to control his demeanour more then then not to mention his moveset has expanded. I can understand why you don't see much in him but to me personally he's a good signing even in the short term.