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  1. Is it just me or everytime Lakers get a Galacticos type of team, they begin to fail?

    I remember when they had Malone and Payton and Shaq, and they fail to win the NBA Championship. Will history repeat itself again, seeing how Kobe and Dwight Howard seem unable to work as a team?
  2. I personally like LA Lakers and yeah, they had better times but the team is working right now, let's wait to see what does Pau Gasol can do when he return
  3. I think once Kobe, Nash, Gasol, Howard, and World Peace are healthy, and in the lineup together at the same time, they'll start to dominate.
  4. What about the sports section?
  5. Yeah, that was basically a mistake by me... :upset:
  6. You are forgiven. GTI understands :dawg:
  7. Thank you!:otunga:
  8. When you bring in a bunch of random players and a coach who doesn't fit the personnel the results are as you see. This isn't NBA 2k. You can't just acquire a random all star at every position and expect them to gel. Pau doesn't work with Dwight, Nash doesn't work with Kobe and Kobe is having to do everything for that team to cover up all of their flaws.

    As a Warriors fan, I love it.
  9. Wouldn't count them out, Kobe is still Kobe. But yeah, things are not looking well, and they are up there in age.
  10. I definitely agree with this. It takes time for these kinds of personalities and stars to find a way to gel with one another and find a way to win as a unit. The NBA teams have been doing this for years and often it doesn't pan out.
  11. Mike D'antoni doesn't know what defense is.
  12. He is a terrible coach, period. He never would have had winning teams in Phoenix without Nash running his retarded offense.
  13. How was he on the olympic team coaching staff? Such garbage
  14. "OFFENSIVE GENIUS!!!"- I guess, lol. Just because you ignore defense and push the pace as fast as you can does NOT qualify you as an offensive genius. He has completely ruined the Lakers offense. Nobody knows their role. Pau is completely lost when he plays, usually stuck 20 feet from the basket and not getting looks. Dwight constantly thinks he needs more post off chances. MWP shoots 10 3s a game and usually misses 9. Nash and Kobe both need the ball to have any value on the court and I haven't seen D'Antoni coming up with any solutions to those problems.

    He just doesn't impress me. Those Phoenix teams were amazing to watch, but fucking give me Nash, Joe JOhnson, Q_Rich in his prime Amare Barbosa ect and I think I could get some points on the board as well
  15. Great post, I have nothing to add, but wanted to say that I 100% agree with that. We commonly agree on sports.
  16. Also, didn't D Antoni quit in NY because he couldn't figure out how to implement Melo into his offense? DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO USE ONE OF THE THREE BEST SCORERS IN THE FUCKING LEAGUE???
  17. Yeah lol, it was pretty funny watching melo walk by him night in and night ou,t and ignore everything he said. Melo would get the ball and go iso 80% of the game.
  18. Well that's what he always does lol
  19. lol true, but it was even worse because he hated d'antoni.
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