Spoiler Los Matadores' identidys

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Its been confirmed from PWinsider that Los Matadores are a repackaged Primo and Epico, it looks like they are getting a new gimmick. It's also rumored that Rosa Mendes might join them, no surprise there.
  2. I have always like theses two hopefully this gimmick can make them more relevant.
  3. Rosa is such a dog face. ew.
  4. They're good wrestlers, but they'll probably become jobbers again after a while.
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  5. Glad to see WWE pushing tag team talent.
  6. Mendez :ohgod:

    Meh, They were okay as a team. I will give my thoughts when I see more of em.
  7. I look forward to seeing Primo and Epico return under whatever gimmick they get. They're good wrestlers and a solid team with a huge amount of respect for the business, which is no shocker considering their family history in the business.

    That aside, I'm not thrilled with the gimmick. I hope they can make it work, though.

    They don't need Rosa Mendes. They need to bring Carlito back and put all three of them together.

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