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  1. First of all I put *SPOILER* in the title just in case some of you are yet to see the WWE Main Event broadcast which included The Uso's defending their Tag-team titles against Los Matadores due to Road Dogg's 'Injury', as you may have seen The Uso's defended successfully in what seemed like a random and undeserved title shot for Los Matadores. This leads me to the point of this thread!

    What happens to Los Matadores now?

    For me they have not impressed since their debut in September/October, I understand it is still early days for them but where do you guys see them going next? The only thing they have going for them is El Torito's silly/funny antics, I don't consider this gimmick a success at all. So they get this title shot out of the blue undeservedly and lose, but where do they go from here? They have no storyline to be a part of looking forward to Wrestlemania and I doubt they will have a match on the card, where do they fit?

    My question to the guys/girls of the forum is: what are you expecting to happen with Los Matadores and their WWE future? More importantly do they actually have one?

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  2. Can't see them doing much.
  3. Bring the Midget Division back for Main Event and Superstars, Have Torito vs Hornswoggle for the Midget championship.

    Build a Midget Division then Birng Midget Cena in to become Super Midget, WWE would profit from this.

    As for the the other guys, Send them to NXT.
  4. I thought it was pretty amusing seeing El Torito mimic the Bizarre One during their team-up last week.
  5. A part of me keeps hoping for some kind of promo about how the gimmick is ethnically insensitive and how they're tired of being "held down" by the Authority.

    If done correctly, that could get them over and, if they were booked right after that, building them to a tag title feud with the Usos/NAO/whomever would be easy.

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  6. I agree... they've been tag champs before so you know they know how to work in the ring.
  7. Shut the door Vince its over.
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  8. They'll tag team with Sin Cara and Job to everyone except 3MB.
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