Loskarn's Suicide

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. Loskarn was suspected of having child porn on his computer.
    After proof was found, he confessed to it in a letter and what happened to him as a child then hung himself.

  2. Who the fuck is Ryan Loskarn.
  3. This, was he just a sick fuck or did he have a claim to fame too? It doesn't matter as either way he's a sick fuck but still.
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  4. I read an article which said he apparently molested child the way he was as a child. He pictured he was the kid or something and wanted to kill himself quickly. Weird stuff.
  5. That's a pretty common link I think, people who were abused abuse back. Almost like they think it's the norm.
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  6. Read "Lockard" in the thread title, was starting to tear up :cry:
  7. That is what I was thinking. Not all but some people who get abused sexually end up doing it to others when they get older, or have very bad habits involving the subject. I have known a few people to have something like this done to them. My cousin being one, she is still not right in the head. I honestly feel bad for people like this because they feel the need to hide which makes things worse instead of seeking help. Most know what they are doing is wrong but the way the world is, it makes it hard to seek the help to get past it without feeling ashamed or inhuman.
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