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Hello Fellow Forum Friends. After I was playing Zombie Apocalypse, I remembered that I used to do this game on a different forum which (@Green Power Ranger ) also did. The weird things that happened, well you get the point. Welcome to the return to Lost Island. However unlike the original (where it was mostly sign up) this time around (like Zombie Apocalypse), I’ll give you the scenario, and you start your story. You write it however you'd like, within the confines of reality/the scenario (the island). You are 100% the character. Once you reply, I will reply to your post with the different choices for you to make, and depending on those multiple choices, you will succeed/fail or live/die. Once I say "continue your story", you my proceed until your next group of choices is given. What happens to you/your character is up to 50/50 chance, I do not choose what happens to you. Feel free to ask any questions about more, and have some fun in the Island. It’s the same flight, you can communicate with others and you can give yourself a name.

Here is the scenario.

Everything is as it is on the day you are reading this post.

You woke up from sleep, did your stuff, now you’re going on a trip to Florida (cause why not?) from Detroit.

You go to the airport, sit down, play some games, until they said the flight’s name.

You get on your flight, and take a seat, you get comfortable as the plane takes off.

As you’re up in the air and get yourself a drink, you notice something’s malfunctioning in the plane.

You try to get up and give a notice out that something’s wrong with the plane but as soon as you do, the plane engines burst in flames.

The plane falls and crashes on a nearby island near the Atlantic Ocean.

After the plane has crashed, most of the people (including the pilots) have died, except a few survivors.

You walk out of the plane and the rubbish, to find out that you and a other people are stuck on an island and nothing else in sight but trees.

You examined the wreck, and noticed the some of your stuff that wasn’t burned or destroyed, are still there.

Then you see some other people finding their stuff in the rubbish as well.

You are stuck in the midst of an unknown island, what do you do? How do you realistically survive until your time is up or if help ever comes? Do you survive at all? What sequence of events do you take until you ultimately die? Or will you be one of the few that defies the odds and actually get saved?

Your story starts NOW.


The Game
You examined the wreck, and noticed the some of your stuff that wasn’t burned or destroyed, are still there.
Alright, I will be playing as Ryan Blake here since he's looking into acting now.

Ryan grabs the items he can get for survival. These being water and some basic pre made foods. Full list of items he pulled are below

1. Water. Two bottles.
2. Some pre made foods that fell from the plane.
3. Some books (To trade)
4. And 5 packs of cigarettes (Will be a big trading advantage)

With this Ryan heads into the jungle (Not too far away from the plane) and he picks a spot to stop and think. Thinking about how he will survive etc. He hears the screams of injured people and he decides to go help. He hides his stash in his spot and runs towards the plane again.

Nikki Nitro

The Beast
Playing as Nicole:
I sit back for a moment and collect my thoughts on what happened. I get up to search for what I can find of my stuff. Once thats out of the way, I help those who are still alive. I search around in my pockets and find my Phone. I pull it out to try and call a Friend or Family member to tell them what happened. I see I hv 95% battery. Unfortunantly, There is no signal. *Oh, thats just great!* I look around at my surounding. I spot some blankets thrown about the sand, Bottles of water,. I grab one blanket and some water. Then I begin my search for someplace to sleep for the night

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