The Showoff
(I have a few other WWE stories. This one isn't completely new, but isn't really related to any other story. I was sort of inspired to write this story from chapter 15 of Sister of The Shield. It is kind of a backstory for Bray Wyatt, and the Story of Sister Abigail. The only difference is Abigail will be older than Bray as they grow up... She would be sort of motherly even though she was his sister and try to take care of him. In a slightly different world, Abigail met Luke, Erick, and Braun, they were close friends of Bray's and became more like brothers to their family. Following The Wyatt Family gives you kind of a Supernatural kind of feeling. My theory is Abigail's body is no longer living, but her soul is still wandering the earth. Her soul could take on a new form. Then she could search for Bray, now in a different body she is much younger than Bray. Now the roles could be reversed and Bray and The Wyatt Family could take care of her. This won't be as long as my other stories. I'm not even sure if this will be a multi chapter story. This is more of a short story. We'll see how it goes. I will use three of Bray's promos in this first chapter. Also... I realize that these promos take place at different primes of Bray's career, but think of this as something that happened before Bray comes to WWE. It will help with the story. My hope is that with this first chapter, there will be a better understanding of Bray and his story so far, with Bray's family history, and history with Abigail. I want to keep things kind of like the way we know with Bray in WWE, but also with my own take of things with Abigail, and maybe even a little bit of history with Erick, Luke, and Braun.)

Lost Soul, Now Found

Chapter One

Growing up, Abigail was five years older than Bray. She was his sister, but their relationship with their parents wasn't the best. She had a motherly instinct, she loved Bray and took care of him like a mother. Bray was only three when their mother died, he learned from a very age from his father that the world was a very dark place. Whenever his father thought that he did something wrong he would punish Bray. His father was harder on Bray because he wanted to make Bray a strong, disciplined, and wise man when he was older. Abigail noticed that it got worse when their mother died. She thought their father was being too tough on Bray. Once their father was finished punishing Bray, Abigail would take Bray and hold him until he stopped crying. Things only seemed to get worse once Bray started school. His first friend was a boy named Erick Rowan. Erick was made fun of a lot because he wouldn't talk very much. Most of the kids thought it was because he was dumb and didn't know how to talk. Two of the bigger bullies at Bray's school were Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. They started laughing at Erick and pushing him around. Bray wanted to help his best friend, but was also a target of their bullying. They pushed him to the ground and started kicking him. What was interesting was that Luke had a crush on Abigail. Luke and Abigail were the same age, but Luke didn't know that Bray was Abigail's brother. She knew that Luke had a crush on her and thought of something clever. She was upset that Braun and Luke were bullying her brother. She grabbed Luke and kissed him, Braun was shocked and didn't know what to do. Abigail only kissed him for a few seconds before she grabbed him by the head and head butted him and then punched him in the face. Braun then ran away as Luke grabbed at his nose as it started bleeding. She went to check on Bray and Erick. They were ok, but soon Abigail got in trouble and was sent home. Ironically, the same guys that were bullying Bray and Erick became friends, even alomst like brothers. Bray's relationship with his father only got worse as he got older. Abigail stayed in school, but his father pulled Bray out of school when he was eight years old, he did more work around their house. As Bray got older, he developed this hatred for his father and wished that he was dead. His father was a smoker and he would always have a lighter with him. Bray developed this fascination with fire. He took his father's lighter, and his boat caught on fire and sank into the sea with him. Bray was then taken away for several years because many believed that Bray would grow up being a kid that would cause trouble and possibly end up with a life in prison. He was educated and he caught up on the things that he missed out on when his father took him out of school.

(Watch this promo if you haven't alread.)


Abigail didn't know what happened, and both her and Bray were upset when they were separated. Abigail went to live with other members of their family for several years until she was old enough to live on her own. Abigail was eighteen, and Bray was now thirteen and Bray returned home to live with her. She then told him to beware the man in the woods and that he was the eater. Erick, Luke, and Braun would join Bray when they went hunting. They heard a noise and everyone else ran. Even though Bray was scared he moved towards the noise and saw the man in the woods. He had hair all they way down to his knees and had an alligator in one hand. He stared at Bray with his yellow eyes and held out a slingshot. Bray was then scared and ran back to the cabin and saw Abigail and apologized to her for not believing her about the man in the woods. She asked Bray what he said to her. Bray told her that he didn't say anything, he only looked at him and showed him his slingshot. Bray didn't really understand, but she told him that it was his slingshot too and that he was the man in the woods. Was this some kind of foreshadowing?

(This I don't even know if I would call it a promo, but it is one of my favorites. There is so much to learn about Bray from this, such good storytelling.)


(This part of the story is based off of chapter 15 from Sister of The Shield)

Abigail was a Senior in high school and Bray was now starting middle school. Bray had not seen Abigail in several years now, but one thing stayed the same, he still looked up to Abigail, he still loved his sister, and now he wanted to return the favor and look out for her since she spent years looking after him. Abigail was dating a college student, he was three years older than her.

(Bray is much older now and is telling her story.)

Bray's POV

I've always been taught not to judge other people before you get to know them, but something gave me a bad feeling about this guy. He was an adult and my sister was still in high school. Sometimes he would pick her up from school early. She was taken away... her life ended before it even really had a chance to begin. Abigail liked to date people that were older than her, she thought that she could learn from them. She had never really been home later than ten at night and so I started to get worried about her, and this was before cell phones came into play so I didn't have any way of contacting her. Once it got to midnight, I parents sent out the police to search for her. I decided not to stay at home so I started searching for her too. We searched through the woods all night, even in through the cold and rain. Somewhere off in the distance, I heard a scream in the darkness. I don't know if anyone else heard it, but the scream caused a chill to run down my spine that night. I was a bit confused, part of me thought it was an animal shrieking in the night while another part of me thought of it as a human scream. As the rain and cold ended and as the sun began to rise at about six or seven in the morning, there was a thick and eerie fog. Something didn't feel right...Of course Abigail was still missing, but I had a bad feeling that something had happened to her that night. At some point, a dog started barking and running. I decided to follow the dog. It was then that I wished I didn't... We were out in the woods all night searching for Abigail and then I remembered that I heard a scream in the night. It was then that I realized it was Abigail that I heard. Abigail... was laying dead in the dirt. Her body... was pale and cold. She was covered in dirt and blood... She had cuts and bruises all over her skin... and her clothes... they were ripped from her body. It was clear to me then... the man that supposedly loved her only wanted her around until he got what he wanted from her... he raped her... then he killed her. He killed my sister! He tossed her aside like she was a piece of trash! He was never caught or punished for his crime. He took from me... He took what can never be replaced. The love of a sister. He took my sister away from me! That day I learned... the world is a very scary, and evil place. There are evil men out there like him that only cause painand suffering! My sister made the mistake of wanting to be with this man, but honestly... it was my fault. It was my fault for not trusting my gut. My sister is dead... and it's all because of me! I wasn't there for her. I don't feel like I deserve it... but sometimes I feel like she is watching over me, like an angel looking down at me from heaven. Or maybe... Just maybe, her soul is still wandering the earth. Maybe she is searching for me. I can still feel her presence with me sometimes. I took her in my arms that day before I stretched my arms out and looked towards the sky. Sure enough... there were buzzards circling over us. That... is where the phrase, "Follow The Buzzards" comes from. I keep having the nightmare... Abigail still haunts me to this day. I should have been there for her... I can't remember much about my last dream, but what I can remember is holding Abigail in my arms as she was dying.

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"I was there... I was there before she took her final breath. Then she pulled me in close and she said," "You are the one... She says they chose you, long before you were even in existence, and I understood what she meant." He thought about how much love and care she showed him growing up and thought back to the day Abigail stopped Luke from bullying him and Erick. She had kissed him before she started hitting him. "Her touch could save the world, but her kiss burns it to the ground. I love you... Sister Abigail."

Bray was woken up from his nightmare. Abigail had once again haunted his dreams. At the time of her death, Bray was thirteen years old. Bray was now twenty eight, fifteen years had gone by and he wondered what life would be like if Abigail were still alive. Something ususual happened not long after Abigail's death. This could have been a coincidence, but a young family ran off the road, they had a six year old daughter, but she was killed in an accident not far from the place where Abigail was left to die. Abigail's soul had been wandering the earth for a while and was searching for a body to live in. It was unfortunate that the little girl had died, but Abgail decided to take on a new form. The parents were overjoyed when they realized that their little girl was still alive, but really she wasn't the same since then. They thought maybe the crash had scarred her for life, but honestly, she was an entirely different person. Abigail was now inside the body of a six year old. Some souls wander the earth because they have unfinished business, but the little girl's soul went to heaven. It was like Abigail had a second chance, a chance to start over. Now that she was in the body of a six year old, what she thought of as memories of Bray and her old family, she passed it off as dreams she had and she grew up having them over and over again, but didn't know why. Bray felt like her presence was always close even though he knew that he saw her lifeless body in he woods. Years later, the little girl is now twenty one years old and Bray is now twenty eight years old and has been in WWE for a few years now. This girl went by the name of Carlie, but felt like that shouldn't be her real name. She grew up as a fan of WWE, and when Bray made his WWE debut, she felt a special connection with Bray. Her parents didn't understand why, but no one really understood her, she was seen as weird in school, but was judged the most by the people closest to her. She felt like when she watched WWE, more specifically Bray, nothing else in the world mattered. She felt like Bray was the only one that really understood her. Her parents surprised her one day close to her birthday, she would have a special meet and greet with Bray before Raw. There was this excitement building up in her, she was finally going to meet her hero, but she had several dreams about him before he even came to WWE, she always wondered why this was.

(To be continued... I cheated a little... I used my name for the six year old girl. I used several of his promos, and even a part from my last story. I think it all kind of fits in. Let me know what you think.)


The Showoff
Lost Soul, Now Found

Chapter Two

Carlie was excited and could hardly sleep, the next day was her birthday and her parents had surprised her with meet and greet tickets. She would get to meet Bray, he was her hero, she felt this connection with him more than anyone else. Her younger brother just called her crazy and told her that she was obsessed, but what she never understood was why she had dreams about him. She would tell her parents about these dreams, they thought she was crazy too. She found it hard to really talk to anyone, the people closest to her seemed to judge her the most. She felt a lot of sadness because she realized that she had to keep these dreams to herself, she had to keep her thoughts and feeling to herself, otherwise, people would just call her crazy. Her parents thought, maybe if she met Bray, this obsession of him would end, if not and she continued to act "crazy", she didn't know it, but they would sent her to see a psychiatrist to evaluate her mind and behavior. It always seemed like Bray was reaching out to her through her dreams. She had this dream once or twice, she found herself back in school as a kid, she could kind of recognize a group of kids. One was a boy named Erick, he had red hair, he didn't talk very much. Most people thought he didn't talk very much because he didn't know how to talk and he was made fun of a lot by these two taller boys. She recognized them as Luke and Braun, they were bullying Erick. Then that was when she realized that Bray had come up to Erick and tried to help him. Then Luke and Braun pushed Bray down and started kicking him. For whatever reason, Carlie called out to Luke, went up to Luke and kissed him, but this only lasted for a moment and she headbutted Luke and started punching him. Luke's nose started bleeding and he started crying. She yelled something out so that he could hear her.

"Don't mess with my brother!"

She went over to Bray, he hugged her as he cried. She was about to ask if him and Erick were ok, but she heard voices calling her, only they were calling her Abigail. Carlie woke up in her bed, it wasn't a bad dream, it was just unusual... Erick and Bray were friends growing up? Luke and Braun were bullies growing up? Why would she kiss Luke? Bray was her brother? Why did she respond to the name Abigail? These were questions she wanted answered, she tried to go back to sleep to see if she could continue the dream, but for the rest of the night she was just in a dreamless slumber. Once she woke up, it seemed like time couldn't move fast enough, five minutes felt like an hour. She was mostly excited, but had an eerie feeling as well. Bray's character could be a little creepy, but it wasn't really that, something didn't feel right within her. If she was kept busy she was ok, but when she just sat and waited, she felt like she wasn't all there, and that something was inside her. The place where they were going was three hours away from where they lived. Carlie thought, why not try to get a few more hours of sleep since she didn't sleep much the night before? She got as comfortable as she could in the car and fell asleep. As she was sleeping, she had a different dream, but really, it seemed like something she remembered. As she was sleeping, in her dream she was also riding in the car, she was a lot younger, she guessed six or seven. It was dark in her dream, she heard familiar voices that she recognized to be her parents. It was a dark and stormy night and they were arguing with each other, they ran off the road and their car flipped several times until it finally landed against a tree. It seemed like for a moment, Carlie didn't feel attached to her body anymore, she could see her parents crying as they held her in their arms. Their arguing had caused them to get into an accident and she ended up dying in the accident. No one else seemed to see it, but a ball of light was floating around them and entered her body. This was the kind of things that happened with spirits that roamed the earth. It seemed to kind of make sense now... the only reason why she would feel like she was someone else is because she was someone else. Something scared her and she woke up to her brother shaking her.

"Hey! We're here! Wake up!"

She looked around, realized that they were at the arena, she quickly forgot about her dream, and her excitement returned.

Inside of the arena, Bray had already met many fans, took pictures with them, and signed autographs. Something felt different about this day, he would sometimes feel the presence of Sister Abigail close to him, but he put these thoughts out of his head. Abigail had died fifteen years ago, but he still missed her, maybe he was delusional to some people for talking about spirits, but a part of him wanted to believe that Abigail's spirit was still out there, and that she was still searching for him. Bray enjoyed meeting people, it was a chance to connect with the fans. Meanwhile, Carlie and her family were entering the arena, her mom and brother were fans of John Cena, and her dad was a fan of Dean Ambrose, they decided to split up so they could all see their favorites. She couldn't stand John Cena and didn't want to be seen standing in line with her brother and mom to see John Cena. As for Dean Ambrose, she could understand why people would like him, he was obviously one of the better wrestlers WWE had. She liked Dean Ambrose, but her loyalty belonged to Bray if she had to choose. Dean and Bray had always been rivals, she couldn't really go to see Dean Ambrose if she was wearing a Bray Wyatt t-shirt, it wouldn't make much sense. Carlie was kind of glad she could go see Bray alone, she was twenty one after all, she didn't need her family around her every second of every day, plus she would want her family to embarrass her in front of Bray. There were so many things she wanted to say to him. She was really lucky because a security guard told her that she would be the last one to see him. People were disappointed, but were told that they could meet him after the show if they were willing to stay. Carlie was the very last one in line, this was a good thing and a bad thing. There would be no one behind her that would judge her for what she said, but that would only mean that she would have a limited time to see him. With a limited time, she wouldn't really have time to say the things she wanted to say. People would stand in lines for hours just to meet their heroes, while most of the world looked at Bray as some kind of monster, Carlie couldn't help but feel a connection to Bray. Carlie knew everything about Bray, she followed his WWE career ever since his WWE debut. She would find a few videos on Youtube from his FCW and NXT days. She found every Bray Wyatt promo on Youtube that she could find and watched them all over and over again. She felt like she had so much to learn from Bray. It was hard to get every single detail since Bray was in NXT before the WWE Network, but she paid close attention to him ever since his WWE debut in the summer of 2013. Not everyone understood what Bray said during his promos, but one of his early promos about Sister Abigail really got her attention. He said, he was there when she took her final breath, which would mean that she is no longer living.

She seemed to understand Bray more than she did the rest of the family. Luke Harper was also skilled on the mic, as well as in the ring. Other than Bray, Carlie thought that Luke Harper was one of the more skilled members of The Wyatt Family. She liked Erick Rowan, but she noticed that in most of their matches, if The Wyatt Family lost, it was always Erick Rowan that was pinned. She wanted to give Braun Strowman a chance, but honestly, is it really wrestling if you can knock someone down by just barely moving. Most would use the analogy of running into a brick wall to describe Braun Strowman, he wasn't really that impressive at all. There was a time when The Wyatt Family split, but were reunited again, it would have been interesting to see Bray and Luke have a match to see who had the better wrestling skills. Luke had been in other wrestling programs before WWE so Carlie actually leaned more towards Luke, but if WWE was going to focus on one member of the family, it was probably going to be Bray, unless Vince wanted to get behind Braun because of his size and strength. Sometimes it can be hard being a Bray Wyatt fan because Bray seems to lose more than he seems to win, Carlie wondered, will WWE ever give Bray a chance, people were getting behind Bray, so why would they continue to push guys like Roman Reigns? She realized that it was because of Vince and what the people in charge of WWE wanted, they continue to ignore Bray and push Roman because Vince believes that they have found the next face of the company. Carlie didn't hate Roman Reigns, but it didn't seem fair to her that he always seemed unbeatable. He was becoming the next John Cena, she hated those comparisons, but it seemed true, it did seem like Roman was unbeatable. It wasn't just Roman, ever since The Shield debut, WWE has always seemed to focus on the members of The Shield. Seth had been Mr. Money in the bank, then became WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and even United States Champion at the same time. Roman had become a two time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Dean Ambrose had never really been WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he did run around with it. Carlie had heard about everyone complaining about Dean Ambrose not getting a chance, he had been United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and had several opportunities to fight for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Carlie knew her Wyatt Family history and knew that so far Bray's first and only opportunity he has had to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was at Money In The Bank 2014. She felt that if there was anyone that was not getting a chance, it was Bray Wyatt. Carlie felt like it has always been about The Shield since their debut, and even after their split, the members of The Shield were focused on more while The Wyatt Family were left in the dark... figuratively and literally speaking. She was lost in her thoughts as she waited in line, unfortunately, Bray was called away from the fans and into the WWE creative room and the fans were turned away. Carlie was upset because this would mean that she wouldn't get to meet Bray. Her family wouldn't want to wait after the show to meet him. She could have complained, but she still could watch him when it came time for his match. She met up with her family and they found their seat, her mother asked her something, but Carlie was in her own little world and didn't hear her.



"I said... Did you get to meet Bray?"

"No... they started turning people away and said that we would have another chance to meet him after the show."

"Well we're not staying here all night, we need to get home at some point, just be thankful you're getting to see him in the ring."

She was thankful, but still disappointed, she didn't say anything back to her mom after this and just sat quietly as the show began. They weren't directly at ringside, but still close enough to where they could take pictures. Carlie had a sign that she made, she had actually painted the buzzard logo and put Follow The Buzzards on her sign. Many people wondered if there would ever be a Sister Abigail character revealed, or if there would ever be a woman in The Wyatt Family. Carlie had always wanted to be in the Wyatt Family, she felt like that was where she truly belonged. Carlie got excited as The Wyatt Family images flashed on the screen and the lights went out. Carlie screamed in excitement as she did what everyone else did and took out their cell phone lights and started waving them around. It was an amazing sight to see, it was so much better being there live than watching Raw from home. The music was very soothing to her and finally she screamed and clapped in excitement and Bray and The Wyatt family slowly made their way to the ring. She was fascinated by everything around her, the music, the fans/fireflies, Bray's entrance itself with the smokey lantern. The Family stayed at ringside and didn't interfere with the match at all. Bray had an easy match and beat The Miz. It was just a random match that WWE put together, but Carlie still enjoyed the match and cheered for Bray as she won. Other people seemed to look at her, but she didn't really care. Having a win over The Miz didn't seem like such a big deal to some people, but Carlie loved everything Bray did, even if he lost. She was a loyal fan of Bray and would be until the end. A few other people started cheering once Bray grabbed a mic and started a promo. It was a promo mainly directed towards The Miz, but could have been directed to anyone.

"You see this?! Do you see this?! This is what happens to people who are selfish, they let their greed and love of money cloud their judgement. People like you Miz, your only concern is pleasing yourself. You can never have enough. Your Hollywood ways, your fame, and fortune, it will never be enough for you. You could care less about anyone else. I am nothing like you. Your movie, fame, and fortune, is all useless to me. I have never been a man that has cared about material possessions. I'm more concerned with things on a spiritual level. There are spirits all around us, good and evil. I am here, and I am looking for my people. How many of you here today are my people? Where are my people?!"

Carlie starts cheering first, her mom is telling her to calm down.

"My people... can you feel it? There is something different here tonight. I feel that all my people... you will once day join me. Join me! Together, we can live in a world free of judgement, a world free from the lies that Hollywood and television feed you."

Carlie then shouts out not really caring who heard.

"Yes! I love you Bray! Take me with you!"

Bray then laughs a little, this was unexpected, but he tried to find where the voice was coming from.

"I hear you, but I don't see you."

Luke was on the outside of the ring and heard where it was coming and pointed Carlie out. Her mom was embarrassed and tried to get Carlie to sit down. It was clear to her parents now that they would send her to a psychiatrist, they thought she was mentally insane, and were embarrassed to be pointed out in front of the whole world. They then started walking away to try to get away from the cameras. Luke signaled for Carlie to come forward, she then wasn't so sure seeing all of the cameras around, all eyes were on her again. Bray then spoke again.

"I see you now... Are you afraid of me and my brothers? Perhaps it is all the lights, and all the eyes watching you. Pay no mind to them, look, and listen only to me and my brothers. I have heard your voice, and now have seen your face. Please... come forward and introduce yourself."

Carlie was in complete shock and disbelief, Bray was talking directly to her. Even though she was nervous by the cameras, lights, and eyes around her, she did as Bray said and only focused on him. She made her way forward and Luke lead her to the ring. There was a little bit of noise, but most people in the crowd wanted to know what was going on so they stayed quiet, some took videos of what was happening. This was really happening, Carlie was in the ring with her hero, she was in the ring with Bray Wyatt. She was a little nervous, Bray could embarrass people in front of the world, she only wondered what was going to happen, and what Bray would say to her. On the inside, the spirit of Abigail was trying to reach out, happy to finally be this close to her brother again. Could he feel her presence?

(To be continued. Some of what I've put in this chapter are my real feelings. I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading. Review.)


The Showoff
Lost Soul, Now Found

Chapter Three

Carlie was in complete shock and disbelief, Bray was talking directly to her. Even though she was nervous by the cameras, lights, and eyes around her, she did as Bray said and only focused on him. She made her way forward and Luke lead her to the ring. There was a little bit of noise, but most people in the crowd wanted to know what was going on so they stayed quiet, some took videos of what was happening. This was really happening, Carlie was in the ring with her hero, she was in the ring with Bray Wyatt. She was a little nervous, Bray could embarrass people in front of the world, she only wondered what was going to happen, and what Bray would say to her. On the inside, the spirit of Abigail was trying to reach out, happy to finally be this close to her brother again. Could he feel her presence? Bray could feel something, he always felt the presence of Sister Abigail near him, now was no different. He shook those thoughts from his head thinking it was impossible, this young woman was just a fan of him. He admired her excitement and her courage for stepping into the ring. He laughed a little, grabbed a mic and handed it to her.

"Please, introduce yourself. What is your name?"

She smiled and blushed a little, she couldn't believe that she was in the ring with her hero. She didn't want to freak out too much, she was just glad he invited her to the ring. She would just go along with whatever he wanted to happen.

"My name is Carlie."

"Are you here with anyone?"

"My parents and my brother."

Bray then started to laugh. It was obvious now that this must be an after Raw segment because people had already started leaving, and there was no way that this would happen live. Fan interactions usually happened once a show was over.

"You're really excited aren't you?"

"Yes! I've always wanted to meet you Bray, I was a bit disappointed earlier because people started getting turned away so I didn't get to meet you. I've always felt this special connection with you, almost like I know you. It's just... You said something about your people joining you... I would love to join you, especially to get away from the people that judge me. I feel like you understand me. I thought I would never get to meet you, but this is just unreal... You invited me to the ring."

"I heard you and thought why not, we're not live, it's a good time to connect with fans. Come with me."

Carlie was really excited, The Wyatt Family music was playing and now Bray held the rope down for her. She got out of the ring and followed Bray to the back. Her family actually wasn't far behind now and went to the backstage area to wait for her. Once she was out of sight of the crowd she started fangirling.

"This is amazing! There is so much I've wanted to say to you. I really don't want to freak you out or anything, but there really is something that I have to tell you."

Bray laughed.

"You're worried about freaking me out... I'm The New Face of Fear... I don't think there is anything you can say or do that would freak me out."

"Well... Maybe you have heard some weird things, but I think this would be a bit different. I didn't really want to say it while we were in front of everyone else, but I really meant it when I said I feel connected to you. I really do feel like I know you... I've... I've had dreams about you, even before you came to WWE."

Bray found this to be a bit strange.

"So maybe we've met before."

"I don't think so... This is the first time I've ever met you. Let me just tell you about one of the dreams I've had. So... My name is Carlie... You said a little bit about Sister Abigail... Most would believe that she is no longer living, but it seems like you believe her spirit is still lingering. I always have a dream with you and Luke, Erick and Braun, but I always respond to Abigail when you speak to me."

Bray was interested now, she had his attention, but she was interrupted when her mom came over to her.

"Carlie! That is about enough of this! This obsession has got to stop! You embarrassed me out there, you had everyone looking at us. I didn't want to do this... I thought that if you came to Raw to see Bray that this obsession would stop. It's obvious now that I was wrong and that your obsession has only gotten worse. You always having these dreams and talking about him all the time. You're not well Carlie... There is something mentally wrong with you. I'm sorry, I really am, but I'm really concerned about you. You've left me no choice... you will be staying with a therapist in Dallas until we find out what's wrong with you. So... Get a hug, autograph, picture... Whatever and let's go. This will be the last time that you see Bray. You will not be watching him on tv with the therapist."

Bray looked at Carlie like he felt sorry for her, her mom really ruined her moment. Carlie was actually holding back tears now, her joy and happiness was taken from her. Bray wanted to say something to her mother but didn't really know what to say. Carlie then quietly held her head down and asked Bray something.

"Will you sign my shirt please? I don't have anything else, she took my sign."

"Of course Sweetie."

She turned around and held up her hair as Bray signed her shirt. She stayed quiet and wondered if she would be able to keep her shirt or if her mom would make her get rid of it later like she took away her sign. Once Bray finished signing her shirt Carlie started walking away. Something told her that sooner or later her family would have her sent away to a therapist. Just because she always had dreams about Bray and felt connected to him did that really make her crazy? Before she walked away, Bray called out to her.


Everyone stopped and Carlie turned around to look at Bray. He gave her a small smile and then asked her a question.

"Don't I get a hug?"

Carlie then smiled and made her way back to him and hugged him. He hugged her tight and whispered something to her.

"Hang in there... Don't let them change who you are."

She then asked him something.

"Isn't there something you can do? Save me Bray, I need you."

Bray thought of something, her words were the same words he asked Abigail. He then hugged her and gave her a reassuring smile.

"I'll see what I can do. I know what your mom said, but this won't be the last time we see each other."

Carlie smiles at him and gave him one last hug before her mom called out to her.

"Carlie! Let's go!"

She turned around and saw her mom waiting for. She was twenty one years old and didn't necessarily have to follow her, but she had always lived with her mom, she didn't really know what to do if she was left on her own. If she went to therapy and returned to normal maybe her mom would let her return home. She sighed and left Bray to follow her mom. What did she think would happen? Did she really think Bray would save her or even cared about her? Maybe she was crazy. Bray probably thought that she was just a crazy obsessed fangirl. Then why would he say that they would see each other again? He was probably just playing along to get her hopes up. As Carlie walked away he felt his heart sink. He really felt sorry for her. He felt something different about her, it was that same feeling when he could feel the presence of Sister Abigail. He felt a strong spiritual pull when Carlie was near him, even though he had never met her, it was like she said, he felt a connection to her. A familiar presence, he felt bad about watching her leave. Her own family thought that she was crazy, he said that he would see her again, that was a promise he planned on keeping. There was more to this girl that he had to know about. She told him that she had dreams about him before he even came to WWE, she didn't really get to get into detail about them because her mom interrupted her. Bray was curious as to why he was in her dreams and what kind of dreams she was having.

Carlie thought her mom was just bluffing about taking her to a therapist, but was startled to find that they weren't going home.

"Where are we?"

"I told you... I'm having you stay with a therapist."

"I didn't think you would actually do it."

"I wasn't going to until you went down to the ring. This obsession really has to stop."

"But did you really have to do this right now? I'm supposed to stay here... I don't even have any clothes with me."

"They will have something for you to change into, I will also bring by more of your clothes tomorrow."

"Why would you do this?! There is nothing wrong with me! You judge me more than anyone else ever has, I'm judged more by my own family than I am people I don't. Bray wouldn't judge me like this."

"See there you go again! You just met Bray and you assume that he's the only person that understands you. You're here because of him!"

"I don't want to be here! I don't need to be here! There is nothing wrong with me!"

"You're in denial! You won't even admit that you have a problem."

"My problem is you and people like you that think you're perfect!"

Her mom then slapped her in the face.

"Get out!"

Her dad got out with Carlie while her mom stayed in the car. He thought that Carlie needed therapy, but there was no need for her mom to slap her. Carlie got of the car and started crying. Her dad went to hug her, but her mom rolled down the window.

"Don't go babying her. Take her in, get her settled in and let's go!"

Her dad grabbed her and and slowly walked her into the building. He did apologize.

"I'm sorry Carlie... I think you need therapy too, but there was no need for your mom to hit you."

"You're not sorry... If you were, you wouldn't let me stay here. Why do you hate me?"

"I don't hate you... We love you, we just think there is something wrong with you. If we didn't love you, we wouldn't have brought you here. The sooner you realize that something is wrong with you, the sooner you can get help. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can come home."

"I don't want to go back home! But I don't want to be here either! Why am I the one that needs help?! I don't think the same way you and mom do and so you judge me and think that there is something wrong with me."

"It's been like this for years now. This isn't something recent. Ever since you were about six... Ever since you almost died you've changed."

"We were in a car accident! I was six years old, it was a traumatic event for me! I've grown up! I'm not the same person now that I was when I was six years old!"

"My point is... The sooner you realize there is something wrong with you, the sooner you can leave."

Carlie was lead to an isolated room. There was a bed and a window. There wasn't anything else in the room for her own safety. Her dad went to hug her but she pushed past him and just sat down on a bed. Knowing that there was no getting through to her he decided to leave. She knew what was really going on, her parents were deserting her, they were leaving her alone. She felt sadness and anger towards her family, but she was also scared because she was left alone, she didn't know what was going to happen. She then laid down on the bed and started crying. In a way, Bray was the cause of her misfortune now, but something he said stuck with her.

"Hang in there... Don't let them change who you are."

That was the problem... She wasn't exactly sure who she was.

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The Showoff
Lost Soul, Now Found

Chapter Four

Carlie woke up in the early morning hours, probably about three or four to someone knocking on a door. When she opened her eyes, she was a bit confused, she wasn't sure where she was. Then it all came back to her, she realized that her parents had sent her to a mental hospital, they wanted her to see a therapist because they thought something was wrong with her. Once she opened her door she saw one of the medical workers that worked there.

"Hello Carlie, I wanted to make sure that you were awake, here in about an hour, you will meet with our top doctor. Right now, I'm here to escort you to the bathroom, you can take a shower and change. I know this may be very emotional for you right now. We're here to help in any way we can. Do you have any questions."

"Yeah... First of all, how long am I going to be here?"

"As long as it takes to fix your problem. Days, weeks, months, or even years, some mental patents never leave."

"But I'm not a mental patient, there is nothing wrong with me. People are just too quick to judge me."

"Denial is usually the first sign that something is wrong. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can leave and go home."

"But I don't want to go home. My parents are never coming back, they will always think something is wrong with me. I just want to get out of here."

"You see, there is a sign of your problem already, you have a fear of being abandoned, you're not alone here, there are plenty of people here like you. We can't let you go, you are mentally and emotionally unstable. Now come on... Please don't be difficult, we do have bathers here. You can either cooperate and bathe yourself, or we can have someone do it for you. It's your choice."

Carlie sighed and decided that it would be better to cooperate if she wanted her privacy. Maybe if she cooperated, she would be able to leave sooner. She could fake it and hopefully get to leave. The medical worker then smiled and led Carlie to a bathroom.

"Excellent, please follow me. After your shower, you will change into a white patient gown."

"Oh come on! Can I not wear normal clothes?! This is ridiculous."

"All patients must wear the white patient gowns. Physical tests are done as well."

"Wait! I thought this was was just a mental hospital, now you're telling me that you're going to run tests on me like I'm some kind of animal? This isn't right, this is inhuman."

"It is not inhuman, we are required to run tests on the brain and body, it goes together, now please, will you get a move on? We are on a tight schedule. You are not the only patient here you know."

Carlie wanted to cry, scream, swear, and hit something, but knew it would do her no good. She then went to take her shower. She had slept in her clothes from the day before and as she took off her shirt she remembered that Bray had signed her shirt. Wasn't Bray the reason why she was here in the first place? He had signed the back of her shirt. Once she took it off and looked at it, she then realized that he had left a message on the back. Now that she thought about it, it did seem to take a while when he signed it. Her mom had said out loud that they were talking Carlie to see a therapist in Dallas. She thought that Bray was just playing along at the time and just trying to keep her hope alive, but he had said that this wouldn't be the last time they saw each other. Carlie's hope had returned as she read the back of her shirt. She read his words and smiled.

"Hang in there Carlie, I'll be coming for you. Don't tell them anything."

Carlie was slightly confused. She had already talked to the person that came to get her. Then she realized that he meant don't tell the therapist anything. Bray had already told her not to let them change who she was. After she had her shower she changed into the white patient gown and walked out of the bathroom. Then the lady that had met with her before took her to the therapist's office.

"Now Carlie... It's not that we don't trust you, but for your safety and for the safety of the doctor we are required to restrain you."

Carlie didn't say anything, she just rolled her eyes when no one was looking. She planned on doing what Bray suggested and not tell the therapist anything. Carlie was left in the room for a few minutes until the therapist came in. Even though Carlie felt like speaking her mind and saying what she thought about all of this, she wanted to do what Bray said. The therapist came in with a smile on his face.

"Hello Carlie, I know you may have mixed feelings about being here, but I am here to help you. Do you know why you're here?"

Carlie didn't say anything, she just shrugged her shoulders, but had an answer in her head.

"Because my parents deserted me. They think they're perfect and that the rest of the world is out to get them."

The therapist continued.

"Ok... Well surely you're feeling something about being here. Would you care to share what you're feeling?"

"Well how would you feel if your parents called you crazy and left you somewhere alone. How do you think I'm feeling? I'm pissed off! My parents fucking deserted me. Why am I the one that needs help? Why am I the crazy one? It's all about how you interpret things. If the roles were reversed, they would be the ones here, not me. Plus I was told there would be tests run on me. I feel like some kind of caged animal. I'm pissed off and scared at the same time. I want out of here!"

The therapist was getting slightly annoyed now because Carlie wasn't saying anything. Carlie kept her thoughts to herself and she could tell this was beginning to frustrate the therapist. The therapist was writing things down on paper, and he didn't catch the smirk she had on her face. When he looked back at her he only saw a blank expression. He wondered if she had any brain activity going and thought that maybe Carlie had zoned out. He went over to her, waved his hand in front of her face to try to get her attention.

"Carlie... Are you with me?"

Carlie looked at him and didn't say anything.

"Ok... Maybe you're a little shy right now. Maybe you will talk tomorrow. We'll run a few tests on you, and then return you to your room."

Two men came into the room, unstrapped her, and walked her out of the room. She noticed a sign that pointed right. She saw the right arrow and it said exit.

"If I can get away from these guys, maybe I can make a run for it and get out of here. I won't go down without a fight."

"Um... Excuse me... Could I please go to the bathroom first?"

The men that were walking with her weren't easily fooled because other patients had tried to kill time by saying they needed to go to the bathroom when they really didn't need to go. They walked past the bathroom, luckily they didn't have a tight grip on her hands. They weren't prepared for what would happen next. Carlie pulled one of her hands free, turned around and punched one of the guys in the face as hard as she could. The other guy jumped and was surprised at this and let go. Carlie then started running. She followed the sign and made a right turn. The guy that wasn't holding his face pressed a button and the lights started flashing and an alarm started going off.

"Attention... Patient 324 is on the run, showing signs of violence and aggression! Block all the exits immediately!"

Carlie had turned down the hallway. She was running as fast as she could in hopes of getting away. She had turned down the last hallway and saw the exit sign. Just before she got to the exit, she didn't expect for two other guards to come out of nowhere and grab her. These guys were bigger and stronger than the others and had a tight grip on her.

"No! Let me go!"

She was kicking her legs, screaming and tried hitting these guys, but they held her hands still. One of the men held her still, rolled up her sleeve and they had a needle. They inserted the needle into her arm and gave her a shot. It worked like a tranquilizer dart for an animal and soon she stopped kicking and screaming. She then passed out and they took her to a room for testing. They had to act quick before she woke up. They monitored her brain activity for about an hour, but couldn't find anything unusual. She woke up to a painful shock and cried out. The therapist then spoke to her now that she was awake.

"Now Carlie... Why did you have to go and try to escape? Did you really have to punch a guy in the face? There is so much violence and aggression inside of you. That little shock you felt was punishment for your behavior."

Carlie forgot about not talking and then started shouting out exactly what she thought.

"This is torture! This is the kind of thing that happens to prisoners with the death penalty. I'm not a criminal! What no one understands is that I'm being held here against my will. You think that you're better than everyone else and you treat us like animals! You can't do this! We are not some ind of lab rats that you can do you experiments on!"

Carlie was interrupted again and cried out when she felt the shock intensify.

"You've got it all wrong! This is shock therapy, it is meant to help you, but also to punish you. It seems like you have a long way to go. We have had other patients like you, but this is one of the worst cases of violence and aggression I've ever seen. We'll have to study you more in the next few days. In the meantime, we will return you to your room."

Carlie was caught off guard when she felt a needle in her arm again. She passed out and the guards returned her to her room. They were told to strap her down until they came to get her the next day. When Carlie woke up again, she couldn't move, she realized that she was back in her room but she was scared because she couldn't move. She actually started crying and screaming.

"Please let me out of here! Someone help me!"

It wasn't long after Carlie left that Bray decided that he wanted to help her. Something about Carlie reminded Bray of Abigail. Abigail had always watched over Bray, Carlie had mentioned something about having dreams about him and The Wyatt Family before they even came to WWE. How could you have a dream about someone you've never met? Bray felt a connection with her ever since he heard her in the crowd. He had promised her that they would see each other again. Bray paid close attention to the things her mom was saying to her. It was about three hours away from where they currently were, but Bray heard her mom say something about taking Carlie to a therapist in Dallas. So he and the rest of The Wyatt Family left the arena as soon as they could and started making their way to Dallas. Everything that had happened to Carlie happened overnight. Bray has showed up to the building in Dallas, there was only one mental hospital in Dallas, but realized that visitors weren't allowed until eight in the morning. They would come see her as soon as they opened. Carlie has grown tired of screaming and crying and eventually fell asleep. What happened next she thought was a dream, but was actually something she remembered. It was then that she realized that she was really someone else because she saw the car accident from when she was six. The little girl had actually died and then she realized that she was a different person because something else flashed in her mind. The reason why she was always called Abigail in her dreams and why she saw Bray and the others was because she was Abigail, just in a different body. Bray was her brother. Ironically the shock therapy had helped her realize who she really was. Then she remembered... The last thing she remembered was being raped, and she screamed before her boyfriend killed her. She jumped awake as she heard a knock on the door. She then realized that at some point, someone had taken the restraints off of her.

"Carlie... We hope that you are feeling better today... We hope you are in a better mood and will cooperate with us today. You have visitors here to see you."

She was surprised at this, she thought that her parents would come back until they thought she was normal by their standards. A smile formed on her face and what surprised her more was that it wasn't her parents that had come to visit.


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The Showoff
Lost Soul, Now Found

Chapter Five

Carlie was really sure how to feel when she woke up, but at some point someone must have come in and took off her restraints while she was asleep. She really didn't expect what would happen next. She didn't think that her parents would show up until they thought we was back to normal. She wasn't allowed to open her door. Since she had tried to run, they made sure that she was locked in her room. She was allowed to have visitors, there was a small opening that she could slide open to see and talk. She heard one of the workers call out to her.

"Carlie... We hope that you are feeling better today... We hope that you are in a better mood and will cooperate with us today. You have visitors here to see you."

Carlie got up off her bed and made her way to the door. The medical worker had left to leave them alone. She slid the part of the door open until she could see who was on the outside. She was really surprised that it wasn't her parents that had come to see her. Actually she wasn't surprised, she was pretty sure her parents weren't ever coming back for her. She was surprised at who showed up instead. Her face lit up and her hope had been restored.


Bray smiled at her but had to keep her quiet and he started whispering to her.

"Shh... Carlie... We don't want anyone else to hear us... I'm here to get you out of here. I will try talking to them first, if that doesn't work, I'll figure out another way to get you out of here. Sit tight, I'll be right back."

Carlie went to go sit on the bed, she sat quietly and looked towards the door. Bray went up to one of the workers and walked walked with them until they got to Carlie's door.

"There is something about Carlie that you need to know... I think there has been some kind of terrible mistake. You see, the people that brought Carlie here are not her biological parents. She was actually just staying with them for the summer, I don't know what they were thinking, but they didn't even come to me for this decision, and honestly they have no say in what happens to Carlie. So... I think we need to take the proper steps needed for her release, whether it is paper work, or a financial issue, whatever the case may be, I want her out of here."

The medical worker looked at Carlie and then at Bray, not sure if she believed him.

"What exactly is your relationship with her?"

"I'm her biological brother, she usually stays with me."

What seemed like a lie was actually the truth, it was obvious to Carlie now that she was actually someone else and that Bray really was her brother.

"I'm not exactly sure if I should release her because the people she came here with said not to release her until we call them with her test results."

Bray's tone wasn't really threatening, but did scare the medical worker when he spoke again.

"I'm sorry... I don't think you were paying attention... They are not Carlie's biological parents and have no say in what happens to Carlie. Her biological family has requested to see her and sent me to pick her up. Are you going to help me with this, or do I need to go to someone higher, perhaps someone in charge and tell them the situation?"

The medical worker, then afraid of losing her job decided not to argue.

"No no... Of course not. My mistake. I'm sorry... I'll get right on that. For her release, there is a payment required, and there is paperwork that needs to be done."

"Fine... Whatever needs to be done."

"I'll be right back with paper work."

"I'll go ahead and make that payment. Actually, before you go get the paperwork, could you please let the poor girl out of there?"

"Oh... Of course."

Bray went to the entrance area where he came in and made the payment. The medical worker talked to Carlie.

"Well... You are one of our fastest cases of anyone that has left here. Getting to leave, and you haven't even been here for a full twenty four hours yet. Of course there seems to have been some kind of mistake and you weren't really supposed to be here to begin with. So... Gather up your things and we'll get you checked out."

Carlie had to wear the white patient gown when she went to see the therapist. All Carlie had was the clothes she came in the night before. The medical worker walked her to Bray as he was signing the last of the paper work. He smiled when he saw her and hugged her to make it more believable.

"Hey Carlie... I bet you're surprised to see me."

"I sure am! You're here to take me home?"

"I am... I just paid a payment for your release and signed the paperwork. We can leave now. Come on... Come with me."

Carlie walked out of the building first, then Bray led her to a truck. They wanted to make sure that no one was watching, and that no one heard them. Luke, Erick, and Braun all traveled together so it was just Bray. In any other situation, her mind would be screaming danger, do not leave with someone you don't know, but Carlie did know Bray, she could trust him. He cranked up the truck and they drove off. She didn't know where they were going, but she didn't care, anywhere was better than there. Once they drove off and were out of sight and sure that no one could hear them Carlie started talking to him.

"Thank you so much Bray. I was really surprised that you showed up. I didn't think that I would ever see you again."

"I said we would see each other again."

"I just didn't think you meant it."

"Of course I did... When I make a promise to someone... I keep it. It just so happened that I overheard your mom say that she was taking you to a therapist in Dallas. What I don't understand is why you left with her. Are you not a grown woman?"

"I am... I just don't know what to do. I don't have anywhere to go or anyone to turn to. I thought... If I went to therapy and got help, I would still have a place to call home once they got me out. Then I realized... They must have had this planned out for a while, something told me that they weren't coming back. If I may ask... Where are we going?"

"We are going to the next town for Smackdown. If I remember correctly... You did say that you wanted to join us. That offer is still available if you want it. I realize that all you have ever known is your family, and it may be hard for you since they left you. It may seem like you have nowhere to go and no one to turn to, but you are welcome to stay with me and my brothers... We will protect you and take care of you if that is what you want. I would like for you to be part of The Wyatt Family."

"Oh wow... This is amazing. I just have to wonder though... Out of anyone you could have picked, why did you choose me?"

"To be honest with you... It is because I feel connected to you somehow. I feel like I know you."

"Actually... We were having a conversation about that before my mom interrupted. I don't know if you believe me or not, but I've always had dreams about you and the other members of The Wyatt Family even before you guys came to WWE."

"Ok... Do you remember these dreams?"

"I do... I have them all the time, but while I was back there... One thing they did was shock therapy and something clicked in my head. I don't know if you will believe me... But I think what I'm experiencing are memories... Not dreams. It always happens when I'm asleep. Every time I'm asleep... You and everyone else would call me Abigail... And I would respond to Abigail. One thing I know that happened... When I was six years old... My parents were in a car accident... Or maybe it wasn't me at all... I saw it... I saw the soul of the six year old girl leave this body... She died. The shock therapy I think actually helped me remember who I am... One thing I remember was being at school and you and Erick were best friends. At the time, Luke and Braun were the bullies in school, but Luke had a crush on me. I knew about it and so I kissed him. This fooled him because then I punched him in the face. You don't mess with my brother. This may be something you know... You talk about Sister Abigail like she is no longer living... She did die, it was a tragic death... She was raped and killed."

Bray was in shock at this because he had never told anyone, not even Luke, Erick, or Braun. He still continued to listen.

"You probably just think that I am some crazy obsessed fan of yours... That's what I thought at first too, but the reason why we feel so connected to each other is because we do know each other... It wasn't long that I died that the accident took place, my soul was wandering the earth and the little girl had died. Her soul went to heaven, but for whatever reason... My soul made it's way to the lifeless girl. My parents... Or the people I thought were my parents... Their little girl had died and I took her place. Before I died... I was five years older than you. The little girl was six and you were thirteen at the time... You are now seven years older than me. I've just been called Carlie for so long, but now I realize that my real name is Abigail... Bray... I am alive, and I remember everything. You are my brother."

She then sat quietly... She wasn't sure if Bray would believe her.

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The Showoff
Lost Soul, Now Found

Chapter Six

Bray sat and listen to the young woman beside him that claimed to be his sister. Bray knew that Abigail had died years ago, Abigail was older than him and this woman that had first introduced herself as Carlie looked much younger than him. He always believed that Abigail's spirit was close but what he didn't understand was if this was Abigail in a new form, why was she younger? He listened as she explained things that had happened in the past, these were things that no one knew about. It had to be Abigail, there was no other explanation. Then she went on to explain something that happened to the girl that died and told him that the soul from her original body was now living inside of someone else.

"I don't know if you believe me or not, but I've always had dreams about you and the other members of The Wyatt Family even before you guys came to WWE. One thing they did was shock therapy and something clicked in my head. I don't know if you will believe me... But I think what I'm experiencing are memories... Not dreams. It always happens when I'm asleep. Every time I'm asleep... You and everyone else would call me Abigail... And I would respond to Abigail. I remember... You would get punished a lot, I would comfort you... Another thing I know that happened... When I was six years old... My parents were in a car accident... Or maybe it wasn't me at all... I saw it... I saw the soul of the six year old girl leave this body... She died. The shock therapy I think actually helped me remember who I am... One thing I remember was being at school and you and Erick were best friends. At the time, Luke and Braun were the bullies in school, but Luke had a crush on me. I knew about it and so I kissed him. This fooled him because then I punched him in the face. You don't mess with my brother. This may be something you know... You talk about Sister Abigail like she is no longer living... She did die, it was a tragic death... She was raped and killed. You probably just think that I am some crazy obsessed fan of yours... That's what I thought at first too, but the reason why we feel so connected to each other is because we do know each other... It wasn't long that I died that the accident took place, my soul was wandering the earth and the little girl had died. Her soul went to heaven, but for whatever reason... My soul made it's way to the lifeless girl. My parents... Or the people I thought were my parents... Their little girl had died and I took her place. Before I died... I was five years older than you. The little girl was six and you were thirteen at the time... You are now seven years older than me. I've just been called Carlie for so long, but now I realize that my real name is Abigail... Bray... I am alive, and I remember everything. You are my brother."

Bray stayed quiet for a moment, he could feel her presence, and he was surprised at everything she said. Everything she said had happened. He actually pulled off the road out of traffic. His eyes started tearing up.

"Abigail... Is it really you?"

She smiled, but her eyes started tearing up too.

"Yes... It's me Bray."

Bray wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a hug.

"I don't understand... How is this possible? I had always hoped that you were still here. I've always felt your spirit with me. How are you alive again, and how are you younger than me now?"

"That is something even I don't understand... I don't know how or why it happened, but it's like I'm getting a second chance. A chance I don't deserve..."

"What do you mean?"

"When I died... It was my own fault... It was my fault for trusting a guy that was older than me... He got angry when I didn't want to have sex with him. He didn't care about me, he only cared about satisfying his own selfish desires. He raped me and killed me... What happened to the little girl that owned this body before me should not have happened either... I grew up in her body thinking they were my parents, but they were actually her parents. They always said I was never the same after the accident... That's because I'm not the same little girl that they knew before. I'm a completely different person. I don't deserve a second chance... That little girl had her whole life ahead of her. Her life was ended because of a foolish mistake made by her parents... Her parents were arguing, and were distracted, they ran off the road and the car flipped over and over again. Sometimes there are cases where the parents die and the child lives. I know I shouldn't, but I feel this hatred for them, I know it sounds horrible, but I wish they would have died instead. Little Carlie should not have died because of the actions of her parents. I should have been the one that stayed dead... Not that little girl."

She was upset about living inside of the body of someone that died. She cried as Bray continued to hug her. Then he spoke to her.

"You feel guilty about living in her place... You shouldn't... What happened to the little girl was tragic, but you shouldn't feel guilty for something you have no control over. One thing that may be possible is that you had unfinished business and have been given a second chance."

"I don't really know what kind of unfinished business I would have had..."

"Well... I'm just glad to see you again. We're together again... Lets not think about sad memories, let's remember the good ones, and create new memories. Things are a bit different now... In your past life, you were older than me, and you looked after me. Now I'm older than you... I would like to return the favor... For all the love and kindness you've shown me."

"You don't have to do that."

"Yes I do... When mom died... You looked after me, you took care of me and loved me. As I grew up, I looked up to you... And not just because you were taller than me."

They laughed at this a little.

"I looked up to you... You were a role model, my hero... You were very motherly... I shouldn't say this... But mom died when I was really young and if truth be told, I can't really remember anything about her. Whenever I try to think about mom... I think of you."

"I know what you mean... When dad would punish you, I always hate watching you cry. He was too hard on you... I remember... Once he hit you in the face because you wanted to speak your mind and your mouth started bleeding. You came to me crying, I held onto you until you stopped crying, even with tears and blood ending up on the clothes I wore that day. I had a cool, wet cloth and held it gently on your mouth until it stopped bleeding. Things are different now... In my past life... I had a job and a place of my own, I even let you stay with me. Now in this life... The people that I thought were my family thought I was crazy, abandoned me and sent me to a mental hospital because I didn't fit into their mold of what they thought of as normal... In this life... I don't even know what to do."

"That's why I'm here Abigail... I'm here to return the love and kindness that you showed to me those many years ago. You are not alone.. I will take care of you... As well as Luke, Erick, and Braun. We are family, you are always welcome to stay with me. It will take a while for the boys to understand. Once they realize that you are alive again, they will welcome you with open arms."

"Something that I find interesting is... Before I realized who I was, I would have dreams about you and the boys. Only... It was actually memories that I was experiencing. Once I found out about you being in WWE, I was instantly drawn to you."

"It's fate Abby, fate brought us back together. I was meant to meet you that night. It was my job to get you out of that mental hospital. You obviously didn't belong there, you were just put there by people who never understood you because you really weren't the person they thought you were."

"So... I had asked to be a part of The Wyatt Family, in a way, I always have been. Only... I asked for it like part of WWE. How will that work?"

"Basically, by being yourself, I always come up with my own promos, you can do the same. Being in WWE, if you're not a diva, you can just be an interesting character."

"I think... I would tell people the truth about what happened to me and I bet most would think that I'm crazy, but it is an interesting story."

"It is."

"I could also help you with matches. Maybe cause some chaos and distract the ref or your opponent. I would love to just freak someone out and then when they turn around, you finish the match."

"Sounds good."

"By the way... I think I know why you say Follow The Buzzards... It's because when I died... You looked up and there were buzzards circling directly over us. Also... I think it was really sweet to name your finishing move, Sister Abigail after me."

"It was supposed to be in memory of you, but now you're back. The name will stay the same. Now we should get back on the the road, we are actually close to home. We can stop at home for a while. We don't have to be at the next arena for Smackdown until tomorrow, and we don't have far to go."

They didn't really say much of anything else. Abigail only looked out the window as the rode along remembering familiar landmarks. After two hours on the road, they made it back to The Wyatt Family house. Abigail got out of the car and looked around. It was the same house she grew up in with Bray. It just seemed strange to be back after being gone for so long.

"What's on your mind Abigail?"

"I don't really know what to think... It's good to finally be home, but it feels so strange after being gone for all of these years."

"I haven't been away from home for years, but being on the road all the time with WWE, I kind of know how you feel. Go ahead, go inside, we've been on the road for hours, we should get a little bit of rest and then I'll start fixing supper."

Abigail went in first, she went up the stairs, she turned right and went down to a hallway and stopped at a door. She remembered it being her room. She took in a breath and slowly turned the knob. She was startled when she felt someone grab her hand. She looked and saw that it was Luke. He spoke, warning her.

"Do not go in there! No one is allowed in there."

Bray wasn't far behind and heard what was going on.

"Luke! Let her go!"

He released her hand and Bray continued.

"Let her inside."

Luke was confused. He was always told that no one was allowed in Abigail's room. He thought that it was a bit unfair that this newcomer would be able to break the rules. Bray had to speak to him again.

"Luke!... Let her in."

Luke then did what he was told. He opened the door for her and stepped out of her way. Abigail stepped inside the room... Her room. Everything was exactly as she remembered it. Bray had been the only one allowed inside. The only thing he did was clean in there when it was necessary, make sure things didn't end up dusty. He would clean, and then put things back where Abigail had them.

"I made sure everything was the way you remembered it... In case you ever returned to us."

Luke just stood there confused.

"I don't get it... You've always said that no one was allowed in Abigail's room."

Bray smiled and put his hand on Luke's shoulder.

"Don't you understand Luke?... She IS Abigail... She's returned to us."

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The Showoff
Lost Soul, Now Found

Chapter Seven

Once Bray and Abigail returned to the Wyatt house, Abigail had to look around, thinks seemed so different to her since she had been gone for years. Nothing had really changed, it just felt weird to be back after being gone for so long. She went up the stairs and went down a hallway until she came to a door, she remembered that this door was the door to her room. She was surprised when someone grabbed her hand. It was Luke, he went on to tell her that no one was allowed in the room. Bray wasn't far behind and told Luke to let her in. Once Luke opened the door for her, she stepped inside her room. Everything was exactly how she remembered it. Luke was confused and spoke to Bray.

"I don't get it... You've always said that no one was allowed in Abigail's room."

Bray smiled and put a hand on Luke's shoulder.

"Don't you understand Luke?... She IS Abigail... She's returned to us."

It didn't make sense to Luke... He remembered seeing her in a WWE crowd, he remembered her saying that her name was Carlie. This couldn't be Abigail... She couldn't be the same girl he grew up with. She couldn't be the same girl that he always had a crush on. Bray had said that Abigail had died years ago, but didn't say how, but Luke had a pretty good idea. Luke remembered that she dated a guy that was in college, Luke was very jealous of him, but never really told Abigail how he felt about her. Luke stayed away from Abigail for several reasons, the only time he ever kissed her was when they were kids, but she actually kissed him and tricked him. This was before Luke became friends with Bray. They all grew up as friends, and after a while, Luke almost seemed like a brother to Bray. Luke had never told anyone how he felt about Abigail. She knew when they were kids, but she probably assumed that it was a childhood crush that he would out grow. She thought... He never showed signs of liking her so she didn't think twice about it. Luke always thought Abigail would never like him the way he liked her. He didn't really believe in the spiritual side of life as much as Bray did. Part of him wanted to believe what Bray said, but it just didn't seem possible. It didn't seem fair, why would this newcomer get special treatment, no one was ever allowed in Abigail's room. Curiosity soon took over as Luke wanted to know why no one was ever allowed in there, and what was inside of the room. Once Abigail opened the door, Luke still stood outside of the room with Bray, but could see inside. Her room was different from the rest of the house. Her room seemed brighter and cleaner than the rest of the house. Her room was the only room in the house where you could see out of the window. Her room was the only clean room in the house. The rest of the house blocked off all light from the outside, and the rest of the house had dust and dirt everywhere. Luke decided to go on his way, but wondered why Bray neglected the rest of the house. Bray had been the only one inside Abigail's room. He spoke to her as she looked around her room.

"I made sure everything was the way you remembered it... In case you ever returned to us."

She smiled at this.

"Everything is how I remember it... It's so clean."

"I always made sure that your room was clean. The only reason why Luke didn't want you to come in here is because I had never let anyone else come in here. The only time I came in here was to clean, but I always made sure to put everything back where I found it. No one else is allowed in this room because it has always been your room. It wouldn't feel right to let anyone else stay in here. I always hoped that one day you would return to us."

"Well I did notice when we first got here that everything else seemed different. My room is the only room that is the way I remembered it. What happened to the rest of the house?"

"Losing you was harder on me than you think Abby, I could only bring myself to clean your room because I know that is how you would have wanted it. Now that you have returned to us, I suppose that when I have more time I could clean up the rest of the house."

"Well... I did like my room clean, but even when I lived here before I wouldn't really clean the rest of the house. You make it seem like I'm some sort of clean freak. I'm not afraid of germs you know, we did grow up playing around in the mud."

Bray laughed at this.

"So we did..."

"It would probably just be weird to clean the house now, you have things in a certain place, if you cleaned up and moved things, you would probably go crazy and forget where you put everything. Just leave everything stay the way you're used to having things."

One thing Abigail remembered before she died was Luke, Erick, and Braun staying there. There wasn't really a reason, they were all just really good friends at the time, almost like family. She knew they stuck by Bray in the ring, but was surprised that Luke was still around.

"So Luke is still around... What about Erick and Braun?"

"They're outside... They still stay here. It got very lonely without you Abigail, I decided to let them stay... They are my brothers. Things are a bit different now... In your past life, you had everything figured out, and now... Things just seem so uncertain, but it's like I told you before, we are all here for you. You already saw Luke... Erick and Braun saw you that day at the arena, but I think they would be happy to see you again. They are outside doing yard work, that is just something they do on their own just to have something to do."

Abigail follows Bray outside and to the back yard where Erick was cutting wood for a fire, and Braun was picking up large pieces of metal that had been laying in the yard from a shed that had blown over years ago in a storm. Not much damage had been done to the house, but the shed was smaller and had blown over into several pieces. Braun and Erick seemed to know that Bray was out there and stopped what they were doing.

"Everything is fine boys, you're both doing a great job. I wanted to ask you boys if you recognize her."

Erick stayed quiet like he was trying to think, but Braun seemed to remember.

"Isn't she that girl we met at the arena?"

"Well yes, but really she is someone else completely, someone we're actually familiar with. We all grew up with her."

Erick smiled and looked at her.


"Yes! She is Abigail, just in a different form. I always had a feeling that her spirit was still on this earth and I was right. Here... She is the spirit of Abigail, just in a new form. I knew that some day she would return to us, now here she is, back where she belongs."

Erick and Braun both stopped what they were doing and went up to hug her. She laughed as they did this.

"It's good to see you guys too."

Erick was especially happy to see her because her and Bray were really the only people that ever stood up for him. Erick had been friends with Bray the longest, but soon became friends with Abigail once she stood up to Luke and Braun when they were kids. Once they all became friends, there was a time when there was someone she couldn't stand up to and was hit in the face. Braun had actually admired the way that she stood up to him and Luke. Once he found out Abigail was being bullied, he actually stood up for her and beat up the guy that had bullied her. The Wyatt Family really started at a young age. With Abigail, Bray, Luke, Braun, and Erick, nobody really messed with them again. They weren't really bullies, they just looked out for each other. This of course was when Bray was allowed to return home and before Abigail's death. While they were all getting to know each other again, Luke watched from a distance. He didn't want to seem so negative, but he didn't exactly believe that she was really Abigail yet. Once it came time for supper, most of them were talking, laughing, and enjoying their meal. Luke noticed how different things seemed with her here. All of this laughter and conversation was something he wasn't used to. Most of the time, they would sit and eat in silence and never really spoke to each other about anything. Bray noticed how quiet Luke was being.

"Luke...you haven't really said a word. This is a time of happiness again, Abigail has returned to us."

Luke took a sip of his drink, he didn't really show any emotion, but spoke briefly.

"That's great... Excuse me... I need to go out for some air."

No one really said anything, but Abigail wondered if maybe she had upset him somehow. She looked at Bray with a look of concern.

"I wouldn't worry about him... He has always been the most quiet out of all of us... Strangely enough, Erick was the most quiet as a kid, now it is Luke. Then again, there does seem to be this change in attitude."

"Maybe I should go talk to him."

"Go ahead."

Abigail left the table and went out the door. Bray wasn't the only one affected by Abigail's death. They had all become great friends, Luke and Abigail were always together, then when she died, it felt like a part of himself had died with her. Now he was supposed to believe that this newcomer had the spirit of Abigail inside of her. Abigail came out and saw Luke on the porch. He turned around when he heard the door again, and that was when he saw her.

"Luke... Can I talk to you?"

He was quite for a moment as he looked at her. She didn't look that different from the original Abigail.


"I couldn't help but notice that you seem to have a different attitude about me being here. Have I upset you somehow?"

"No... Why do you ask?"

"Because... Everyone else seems excited about me being here, they won't stop talking to me, but you... I get the feeling that you don't want me here. I wonder if I have upset you in some way, you haven't really said anything at all. If I have upset you somehow, I'm sorry."

"You haven't upset me."

"Then what is it?... Please talk to me Luke, we used to be best friends."

"I don't know if I believe that... Everyone else seems to believe that you are Abigail back to life... I'm sorry... I don't know if I believe you."

Luke had a certain harsh tone when he spoke, and it seemed to hurt her feelings. She ran back inside and the door slammed getting the attention of Bray and everyone else at the table. She didn't go back to the table, instead she went up to her room and closed the door before laying on her bed. Luke didn't realize the harshness in his voice and didn't think twice. Abigail was a bit upset, everyone else seemed to believe her, but Luke... He had been her best friend in the world when they were growing up. He was the only one that didn't believe her. That seemed to bother her more than anything else. Luke's tone made it sound like he didn't want her there. Bray noticed that Abigail seemed upset, he would let her calm down, and talk to her later. He wanted to know what Luke said to her that got her so upset. He had already finished eating and had left the table to go outside and join Luke. Luke could tell that Bray was not happy.

"Luke... Would you care to share with me what it was you said that has Abigail all upset?"

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The Showoff
Lost Soul, Now Found

Chapter Eight

Luke didn't mean to upset Abigail, he didn't realize it, but there was a certain harshness in his voice when he was speaking to her. Luke thought that maybe she was overreacting. He wasn't sure if she was upset because of what he said or how he said it. It was a combination of both. Abigail went up to her room and closed the door. Luke didn't believe her, sure she looked different, but she was still the same person, just stuck inside of a different body. Luke wasn't as spiritual as the rest of The Wyatt Family, he thought Erick and Braun could be easily fooled and would believe anything. He wasn't calling her a liar, he just didn't really believe in life after death. How could he know for sure that this woman was really Abigail? How could she be the same woman that he fell in love with before she died? It just didn't seem possible. Luke had always loved Abigail, even as kids, but no one knew about it. He would do anything to get her attention. At the time, him and Braun were the bullies of their school and without knowing Bray was her brother at the time, he made a poor decision and chose to bully Bray. Abigail stool up for him and Erick. Luke would later on apologize and explained that he only bullied people because of the way his father treated him. Even though Braun was taller than the rest of The Wyatt Family, Luke was the best fighter out of all of them. Braun was only friends with Luke at the time and started bullying others because he was afraid that Luke would bully him. They all grew up and maturity came with age and they all ended up being best friends, even close enough to be considered family. Luke and Abigail were almost inseparable, most would believe that they were together, but they always denied it. They were all affected in some way when Abigail died, but it may have actually affected Luke more than Bray.

Luke seemed quieter, more distant than the rest. He always seemed down and out, everyone else just thought it came with age. He wanted to believe that Abigail could be alive again, but he didn't want to get his hopes up and then be let down. Luke and Abigail told each other everything... Except for the fact that Luke had always been in love with her. Abigail never really thought about if she really liked him, he had never said or done anything that suggested that he liked her so they always stayed being best friends. When Abigail started dating, her and Luke became more distant and she didn't understand why. She would talk about how she liked someone else and Luke didn't want to hear it. Why would Luke want to stick around and listen to Abigail tell him about how happy another man made her, it hurt him that she wasn't with him. At one point Luke and Abigail had almost stopped talking altogether, Luke would rarely come to visit, when things didn't go very well with her boyfriend, she wanted to ask Luke for advice on what she should do to fix things. One thing that Luke lived with was regret. He would always think about what could have been. He also had guilt in his heart. He felt guilty about something that he said to her before she died. In a way, he was sort of responsible for her death. His words had pushed her into the arms of a man he knew was no good for her. He remembered a fight they had and the last words he said to her.


"Hey Luke... I wanted to talk to you. I'm a bit concerned about our friendship."


"Because we hardly talk anymore, we used to tell each other everything, and now it's like you don't want to come over at all."

"Well... Maybe it's because I have other things to do. I have two jobs, I can't always come running every time you snap your fingers."

"I know this, but I'm talking about your attitude, something has changed about you Luke. You've always said I can tell you anything. Every time I talk about how things are going with Mike, you seem to get all resentful."

"Well maybe I wouldn't feel this way if you didn't talk about him all the time. Why is it that every time you get in a fight with him you come running to me?"

"Because other than Bray, you're the only guy I can really go to for advice."

"Do you know what I think?... Mike is so bad for you. He's a college student, I see the looks he gives you. He hasn't known you as long as I've known you. Men like him only want one thing."

"Well... He's talked about it, and he has sometimes tried to take things too far, but when I tell him to stop he stops."

"See Abigail?! He's trying to get you to do something that you don't want to do. He's no good for you and it's only a matter of time before he hurts you. I don't want that to happen. I know you have feelings for him, but please... For your own good... Break up with him. Also... You said that he cheated on you before, what is stopping him from doing it again?"

"He's changed, he said that he made a mistake and he would do anything to get me back, and that he only wants me."

"He's just saying everything that you want to hear. That can't be true, if it was, he never would have cheated in the first place."

"But what I was talking about was how you're more cold and hateful when it comes to Mike."

"Well Damn Abigail maybe I'm tired of hearing about the same problems with Mike over and over again. I work two jobs and I have my own problems. I'm tired of this Abigail! I don't have time to listen to you and all of your problems with Mike. It's always about you!"

Abigail had a few tears in her eyes. His words stung.

"Fine! If that's the way you feel, I won't talk to you again. I'll find someone that does have time for me. Don't bother coming back, I don't want to see you anymore!"

Abigail ran off and slammed the front door. Luke then realized what he said and wanted to take it all back. He knocked on the door and tried to apologize but she wouldn't say anything. He only heard her cries on the inside, he sighed and left knowing that there was no use in trying to talk to her while she was upset. She had to let out all of her emotions, then when she had calmed down, he would come back and apologize.

(End Flashback)

The last thing Luke remembered about Abigail was her being upset with him and crying. Somehow he knew that he messed up and that she would go running to the man that he wanted her to avoid. Sure enough, after Luke went home, she called Mike. He pretended to care about how she was feeling. She wanted to go somewhere to forget about her fight with Luke. Unfortunately for her, Mike had been drinking, and when he drank, he was would get angry and violent more, but this is the first time he had been drunk in front of her. She didn't realize he was drunk when he picked her up they drove out to the woods. Abigail thought this was weird, but didn't care at the time. Mike kissed her and massaged her shoulders. The alcohol inside of him took over and he pretty much ignored her pleas to stop when he started kissing down her neck. It was too late when Abigail realized that Luke was right. Mike ignored her pleas to stop completely and the more she begged him to stop the more angry and violent he would get. He had finally had enough of her telling him no. That was the night that Mike raped and killed Abigail and ran off before he was caught. Luke had found out a few days later from Bray that Abigail was dead, but didn't say how she died even though he had a pretty good idea. Luke felt guilty, he was the one that caused her death, he lead her into the arms of a man he had wanted her to avoid and so he spent many years feeling guilty about her death and for the last thing he said to her before she died, but he mainly lived with the regret for years of never telling Abigail that he loved her. Now this woman in a new form wanted him to believe that she was Abigail, he was upset, it seemed like she would haunt him forever. Bray had noticed Abogail come in upset and wanted to know what Luke said that had her so upset.

"Luke... Would you care to share with me what it was you said that has Abigail all upset?"

"I don't even know why she's upset! Women are just so sensitive."

"What did you say to her?"

"She comes out to talk to me and she says that she thinks that I don't want her here and that she has upset me somehow."

"It is not really your place to say whether or not she should be here. You're here, and Erick and Braun are here only because I allow it. The three of you are like brothers to me, you all had your issues with your families and wanted to move out and had no where to go. This is Abigail's house, once she died I had to take over, it was a hard burden to carry alone, you boys were struggling too, and I think this is what Abigail would have wanted, to have all of us together united as brothers. We took care of each other, and we still do. Together we have survived these many years, and together we can conquer any challenge put in front of us, we can even dominate WWE. Now Abigail has returned to us, the two of you were best friends growing up, I would have thought you would have been thrilled to have Abigail back."

"I don't' believe it! This woman claims to be the same Abigail that I grew up with?! How could she be?"

"She looks a bit different, but the spirit of Abigail is still with us, she is the same woman you grew up with."

"She said that we used to be best friends, I don't know if I believe that she is Abigail, that is what got her so upset. She is upset because I don't believe her. It is either that or the tone of voice I had with her. I didn't mean to sound so cold, I didn't mean to upset her. I don't really know if it was her that I didn't believe... It has always been a little harder for me to understand the things you believe in... All of your spiritual beliefs, life after death, I don't know that I believe it. She is upset, but if you go to talk to her, will you tell her that it is nothing personal and that I didn't mean to upset her?"

"I will tell her when the time is right. As for right now, she needs time to herself."

Luke stayed quiet again and watched Bray go in the house. He walked out from under the porch and out into the yard a little. Abigail's room was the only one where you could see inside of the window, the rest of the windows had been boarded up, no light came through any of the other windows. Luke looked up to see if he could see Abigail through her window, he couldn't really see anything from the ground, he sighed and went for a walk. This was something he always did around this time of the evening so the rest of The Wyatt Family knew that he was gone and would return in a few hours. The sun had already went down and so Luke carried Bray's lantern with him as he walked through the woods thinking to himself, this was his quiet time, his alone time where he could hear only his thoughts.

"Even if this woman isn't Abigail, you sure didn't make her feel welcome. There have been people that were just passing through that needed a place to stay for the night. Bray has always said to make our guests feel welcome. It just bothered me when she said that we used to be best friends. The last thing I said to her before she died was that I was tired of hearing about her problems over and over again, and that I didn't have time to listen, and that everything was about her. I never should have said that, I've been living with that regret and the regret of never saying how I felt about her for fifteen years now. Abigail died fifteen years ago, what doesn't make sense to me is how she would be younger than Bray now. She is seven years younger than Bray. It was my fault she died in the first place, she was upset with me, and I pushed her into the arms of a man I had wanted her to avoid. I can't take back what I said to her, my poor choice of words made it sound like I didn't have time for her, or that I didn't care about her. I was just tired of her talking about HIM all the time. It was my own fault for never telling her how I felt about her. How would that have even worked out? We had always been best friends... There is something people talk about... I think it's something called... The Friend Zone... I think it is something like me and Abigail were only meant to be friends. Also... I don't know how things would have been between me and Bray if by some chance I had ever been with Abigail. As far as I know, Bray never knew about what was said between me and Abigail before she died, and as far as I know, no one ever knew about my feelings for her... I've just lived with the guilt of her death for so long... Now if this woman really is Abigail, maybe she has only returned so that she can haunt me for the rest of my life. Will this torment ever end? I don't know how long I've lived with this guilt, heartache and regret, but it has been around for so long that it has caused me to become cold and numb, and not feel anything at all. I don't know how or why I've lived on this earth as long as I have, but I'm constantly hoping for the end to come so that I no longer live with the constant guilt, heartache, and regret. How long must I live with the regret of what happened? Too often I wish that I could be plagued with some kind mental disorder that will help me forget, but what happened to Abigail always seems to make its way back to my mind and cause me nothing but misery. This is my own burden to bare, I deserve no sympathy, Bray and the others would surely kill me if they ever found out that Abigail's death was because of me. So this woman that claims to be Abigail has come here, it is time I went back, face my punishment like a man and accept the spirit of Abigail that has come back to haunt me. I should at least try to get along with her and make peace with her. Then maybe my troubled mind, heart and soul will finally be at rest."

Luke finally made his way back to the house, he would try harder to pay attention to the things he says and how he says them, he would try to be more thoughtful and consider the feelings of others before he said something that could possibly upset someone. Bray had noticed Luke's behavior once Abigail arrived and thought that maybe for all of these years Abigail's soul wasn't the only one that had been lost. Luke only wondered what Abigail was thinking and feeling right now, he had upset her before she died, and now he had upset her again.

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The Showoff
Lost Soul, Now Found

Chapter Nine

Luke finally made his way back to the house, he would try harder to pay attention to the things he says and how he says them. He would try to be more thoughtful and consider the feelings of others before he said something that could possibly upset someone. Bray had noticed Luke's behavior once Abigail arrived and thought that maybe for all of these years, Abigail's soul wasn't the only one that had been lost. Luke only wondered what Abigail was thinking and feeling right now, he had upset her before she died, and now he had upset her again. Luke made his way to the porch and sat down in a chair, he had asked Bray to apologize for him, but he sat there debating on whether or not to do it himself.

Abigail was probably still upset and if there was one thing he remembered from when she was alive in her past life, it was that when Abigail was upset, there was no point in talking to her. She would either explode in anger at you or burst into tears, either way, even if you tried to apologize while she was upset, she probably wouldn't believe that you were giving a sincere apology and probably ignore you. Abigail had went to her room right after she had finished talking to Luke, she couldn't believe that he didn't think that she was really alive again. She calmed down as she tried to see things from his perspective. When she had been killed, it had been fifteen years since they've seen each other.

Luke and Abigail at the time were the same age, and she was five years older than Bray. Now things were different, she was seven years younger than Bray, and now twelve years younger than Luke. She looked at herself in the mirror, she looked like a teenager that should have been in high school, why would Luke think that she was the same person when she looked so young? Maybe it wasn't the fact that Luke didn't believe her that upset her, maybe it was how he said it. She remembered his dark cold tone of voice, his voice had grown deeper than from when they were teenagers. What she thought of as dreams were actually memories that she was experiencing with the people she grew up with. When she was taken to the mental hospital and electric shock therapy was performed on her brain, something happened to her and she was then able to remember everything from her past life, and not just from when she was asleep.

She remembered the last conversation she had with Luke before she died. She had been having trouble with her boyfriend, and went to Luke for advice, she had noticed his behavior change once she started dating, he seemed more distant, cold and hateful. He had close to a similar attitude and tone of voice when he said that he didn't have time to listen to her problems and that it was always about her. They used to be best friends and tell each other everything, but Abigail couldn't figure out why Luke had grown so cold towards her. Then when she talked to him out on the porch, he had the same cold attitude towards her. Was there a chance that he did believe she was Abigail, but at some point just started to hate her, even in her past life? She was interrupted from her thoughts when she heard a knock on the door. She walked to the door, but didn't open it. She listened as she realized that Bray was the one at the door.

"Abigail... I know you may be upset with Luke for what he said to you, or how he said it, but I just want you to know that I'm here for you if you want to talk. We have been apart for fifteen years, perhaps it is a little harder for Luke to believe that you are alive again because of how much younger you look. The two of you, in your past life used to be best friends, and now I realize that your death was not just tough on me, but Luke as well. Fifteen years we've been apart, and for fifteen years Luke has not been the same as we once knew him. He has stayed with me here at your house, along with Erick and Braun, we were all best friends, but that friendship soon became close to the bonds of a family. Luke, Erick, and Braun, they are my brothers, they had their own family issues and came to me. Losing you was hard on all of us, I welcomed them here so that I would not live in loneliness. I thought, this is what you would have wanted, to have all of us together. We looked after each other back then, and we still do. Erick and Braun are more open with me, but Luke has always been so mysterious to me, but none of us ever questioned him, we all assumed that he missed you. He goes on these little walks through the woods, time to think to himself I suppose. One thing he told me a moment ago is that he doesn't really believe in our spiritual beliefs, perhaps he did before, just not as strongly as the rest of us. He wanted me to tell you that it is nothing personal and that he didn't mean to upset you."

Bray was quiet now as Abigail was taking in everything that he was saying. She had calmed down a lot now and finally opened the door to face Bray.

"I'm not really as upset as I was, I think I was more upset by how he said it rather than what he said. Now that I think about it, why would Luke believe that I'm the same person, just in a different life? I'm surprised you believed me."

"It was the things you said, you said things that no one else knew. It was memories of our childhood and then I knew. I wouldn't worry too much about Luke, I believe that in time he will come to believe you. Perhaps you just need to talk to him about the memories you've had with him. If you talk about something that only he knows, maybe then he will believe you."

Abigail smiled at Bray and gave him a hug.

"Thanks Bray."

"It's getting late, we all have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. We still need to introduce you to the WWE Universe."

Abigail laughed a little.

"They have no idea what's coming. All I need to do is explain what happened to me. The people will think that it is just some entertaining story, but what no one will realize is that what I'm going to say actually happened to me. Some people wouldn't believe the truth even if you told them."

"Rest well Abigail, gather up as much energy as you can for tomorrow."

Bray then walked down the hallway and went into his room. Erick and Braun went to sleep not long after they finished eating. Abigail closed her door and got into bed, but it was about an hour before she went to sleep, she couldn't stop thinking about Luke. Maybe things would be better in the morning. Luke was the last one to go to bed, he wanted to apologize, but thought that it was best to wait until morning. He stood outside of Abigail's room for a brief moment before he turned out the last light in the house and went into his own room. Even though Luke was the last one to go to bed, he was the first one to get up, he just had a lot on his mind and couldn't sleep. He got up, left his bedroom and made his way downstairs. Abigail woke up to footsteps going down the stairs. She left her room and heard the front screen door slam shut. She caught a glance of who it was before he went out. It was Luke. Abigail remembered everything from her past life, and what was said the night before, she just wanted to fix things between them and get things back to the way things were when they were best friends. She didn't want to wake anyone up so she quietly made her way downstairs and walked to the front door. Luke had come out to smoke a cigarette, it helped calm his nerves. Once he was done, he was going to go back inside to fix breakfast. Abigail stopped at the door once she saw the door knob turning, that was when they realized that they were standing face to face. Abigail was the first to speak.

"Oh... hey Luke."


Neither of them really knew what to say just yet, but then Luke remembered that he had come downstairs and went out the door.

"Did I wake you?"

"Um... I'm not sure... I heard someone going downstairs and I heard the door."

"Oh... That was me... Sorry."

"It's fine... we all have to get up in a little while anyway."

They were both quiet for a moment until Luke spoke again.

"Um... Listen... I wanted to... apologize for yesterday. We didn't exactly start off on good terms. I may have said somethings that upset you. It's just I don't really believe in Bray's spiritual beliefs as much as he does. It's hard for me to imagine that someone could live again, but in a different body. It still may take time for me to believe that you're really Abigail, but that doesn't mean that we couldn't try to get along. I've had my own problems through the years, and I took my frustration out on the wrong person... I'm sorry."

"It's ok... we all have our problems, but that doesn't mean that we have to go through them alone."

"Yes I do... There are things that I keep to myself that not even Bray or the others know about. If they ever found out... they would surely kill me."

Luke was referring to Abigail's death, he still felt like it was his fault for her death since he did lead her into the arms of a murderer. He tried to warn her, but things just took a turn for the worse and he blamed himself for her death. Abigail had no idea what Luke was talking about, and didn't really know how to respond.

"Could we forget that yesterday even happened and start over?"


He managed to smile for the first time in a while and held out his hand.


She smiled and grabbed his hand to shake.


They smiled at each other and shook hands. Abigail felt how strong his hand was, and Luke felt her soft, gentle touch. Abigail looked into his eyes, and for a moment, she saw the same Luke that she had grew up with, the kind and caring Luke. She then remembered what Bray said about her death being hard on everyone, she could see his pain, but something else.

"It may take a while, but once we get to know each other again, maybe we can talk more. Bray said that you, Erick, and Braun are his brothers. Do you really think they would do something to harm you?"

Luke was quiet for a moment, he had to think of what to say next.

"If they knew what happened they probably would."

"Well... you don't have to tell them anything, you can just tell me, whatever it is... it will stay between us."

Luke looked down the the ground and shook his head. He didn't want to tell her that he felt responsible for her death. Abigail seemed like she understood.

"Ok... maybe it's too soon for that, but as we get to know each other more, I would like for you to feel comfortable talking to me."

"In time..."

This seemed like all she was going to get from Luke at the moment. Luke had went into the kitchen to start fixing breakfast, Abigail went to go shower and get ready for the day. She was happy that she at least got to talk to Luke more than the night before, and she thought that it was a step in the right direction. They had a conversation without upsetting one another. Abigail wondered what exactly it was that Luke thought he had to keep from Bray and the others, why did he feel threatened. She told him that they could keep things between them. Luke thought this could work, he had to let someone know what he was thinking and feeling. All of the years of hiding his thoughts and feelings from the world had finally caught up with him. It seemed like he forgot what it was like to be happy. Being in The Wyatt Family in WWE, gave him a little bit of happiness, he could take his frustrations out on others, but that would only work temporarily as Abigail would always make her way back to his mind. Now Abigail was back, he had thought that her ghost had come back to haunt him, but actually found happiness in having her around again. He didn't know why she was back, but he thought he had a second chance, a second chance to make things right with her.

(To be continued. I hope that everyone enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading. Review.)

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