Lots of rumbling within developmental

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Nov 30, 2012.

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  2. Langston, Wyatt, Ascension (new guy needs to be added) and Paige would be good.
  3. Yeah they cannot move to many guys up at once. I'd like to see Ohno up there but I can also wait.
  4. Yes Paige is ready, she will help the Divas division alot....
    Ohna would also be a great addition along with Wyatt and Big E.
  5. So much this, he should have replaced Reigns... imagine Ambrose, Rollins and Ohno in one stable.
  6. Paige is amazing and plus I have a massive crush in her. So I hope she gets called up! :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. When Seabs quotes me he makes weird coding errors :gusta:
  8. I sort of like the big muscle stature of Reigns though.
  9. Don't get me wrong he looks like a star but I'd rather see him come in later if that makes sense, he doesn't really fit with the two others IMO as an initial rebel. Plus as good as NXT is Ohno is too good not to be on the main show.
  10. Agreed, he doesn't look like a rebel. Though I'm not sure three vanilla midgets taking out Ryback is believable. They could have made it a 4-man stabler with Wyatt, not sure if that's pushing it though.

    Ohno will have his time though we can be patient. We had to wait a lot longer for Ambrose so yeah.
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  11. That's true and I liked his spear as Ryback was about to powerbomb Punk, I suppose he's the Skip Sheffield of this group.... ironic really.
  12. I'd probably just combust if Kaitlyn faced Paige..
  13. Seriously just Paige!

    We need some divas! Plus she's from the UK!
  14. Yeah, we waited two years for Ambrose and three years for Rollins. We can wait a little over six months for Ohno.
  15. Skip Sheffield? Who? :vince:

    Who would she face that's entertaining at all? Beth Phoenix is gone, Natayla isn't used, Kharma was fired, I really wouldn't even shed one single ounce of care if it was Paige vs Layla or Paige vs Kaitlyn etc, that would just bore me.

    Heel Paige vs Face AJ could be cool however.

    The divas division is in turmoil.
  16. This for sure.

    Also it's time to bring Natalya into the game for sure. Such a waste.
  17. I think the way the Shield ended up was OK. Seeing Wyatt, Ohno and Paige on the main roster can't hurt but I can wait.
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