Louis CK new special

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  1. Anyone seen it yet? I guess it was on HBO over the weekend. I saw it yesterday morning, hilarious shit as you would expect.

    Here is a clip of his closer, it

    it's a killer bit. PM me if you want to torrent it but don't know where to find it. If you have a brain and can find it yourself it was called Louis CK "Oh my God"
  2. Is it bad that I find him alright?
    It could be this specific clip.
  3. That is the first Louis CK clip you've seen?

    I more thought it was just a really well sculpted and delivered bit as opposed to being falling over my chair hilarious.
  4. No, I've seen Chewed Up. But I found that specific clip alright. When he mentioned the slavery bit against the crowd, I sorta laughed.
  5. Idk, to each his own. As I said I just loved the way he crafted the bit, it didn't necessarily have me rolling with each punchline. For me stand up doesn't have to constantly have me laughing my ass off, I can be following a premise that makes sense and is different from conventional thinking and find myself just as entertained.
  6. I personally like stand-up when they're funny throughout the entire show. If it's not, I wouldn't say I'm bored out of my mind, but I'd rather search clips on YT. I also prefer when they tell stories rather than, "Knock Knock. Who's there? Yo Momma!"

    Some clips I enjoy from different comedians.

  7. I've not seen him before in stand up but I know Netflix have a few of his specials on.. That clip was funny.

    Might check him out later.
  8. I enjoy everything about Louis. Just in that bit alone his tone and facial expressions drive home everything he says. I can appreciate someone making me laugh like that more than just doing the typical stand up routine. Louis CK is pretty widely accepted as the gold standard for comedy today (maybe Kevin Hart or Daniel Tosh in some circles) for a reason. He is money.
  9. Love Louis, got to find some time to watch this.
  10. Some of CK's higher brow stuff