Love Is Crazy...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Butters!, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Van Gogh much?

  2. I was watching this in the library and probably did the same reactions with loud gasping.

    I left the library quick smart. too many people were looking at me.
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  3. I would never get someone's name on me, let alone degrade myself by calling myself someone's "bitch" KEEP IT CLASSY LADIES! lol
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  4. What's creepier is that she has this big scar on her arm that's going to remind her of him so much more....

    "Chopper" better watch out, she seem's like a crazy hoe.
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  5. Wow kinda makes watching wrestling at 30 seem ok! Lol
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  6. Not surprised she was British.
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  7. How rude.

    I'd never do something like this- I'm far too lazy to go to that much effort over an idiot.
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  8. I think I'm gay now.
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  9. Hi there :ksi:
  10. What do you mean? Wait... THAT"S A WOMEN!?
  11. And they say MEN are the crazy ones in a relationship.
  12. bad joke? It doesn't matter where she is from - i think it's interesting she is getting all the hate over it, dude was a fucking asshole who got his nickname tatted on a girl - which is like a shitty state of ownership.

    Both of them are idiots, but she is being villainized and why? She sent it in the mail, he can have it back. She cut it off her arm - cheaper by leaps and bounds than something better. Hopefully it didnt get all infected.
  13. I know you were kidding. And I agree that the guy is a massive bell-end coward, no doubt about it. .
    I'd never, ever get somebody's name inked on me.
  14. Is there any news that he even gave it back to her. I mean can't they laser it back on?

    Or do you think it's a little too late for that?
  15. Really? I've never heard that. I always hear guys are the assholes in relationships and that women are the crazy / stupid ones in relationships. Hence part of the lack of appeal for relationships.
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  16. I hear vice versa.
  17. I wish it were that way around here. :haha:
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  18. Now? :pity2:
  19. Can't both genders just be crazy stupid assholes? :haha:
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