WrestleMania Love Performance from Elias.


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The host of wrestlemania, Alexa Bliss, has allowed an live performance from Elias. Why? Because Alexa's wants Elias' cock.

But seriously, it's clear this segment is going to be used to bring back some old faces and try and create a wrestlemania segemt.

Not a bad idea. Elias deserves a segment at this years Mania. He has been a great character on Raw for the past couple of years.

Elias always gets interrupted. It's guaranteed that this will be the case at the grandest stage of them all.

Who would you like to see interrupt Elias?

You guys are probably just going to moan how the segment is pointless and adds to an already stacked show, but whatever. The segment is going to happen. As mother Mary said 'let it be'
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Jeffry Fucking Mason

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I don't want to see anyone interrupt Elias. His performances are the highlight of any show he's on, and Mania will be no different. Elias concert should get the main event slot, and should also get an encore performance after the show
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