Low chance of Linda winning; chance to feel optimistic or will nothing change?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Let's discuss.
  2. Hope she loses, so that's $100 million she's blown. Don't think her losing or giving up on politics will affect WWE programming though. :upset:
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  3. I can only echo Lacky's sentiments here. Although I highly dislike the bitch and hope she loses, it's not for the sake of the product, that will more than likely be just as crap.

    @[Wacokid27] didn't seem to think it was a foregone conclusion when previously commenting on this though?
  4. I bet she'll try again later if she loses.
  5. Probably she's just like Vince cannot admit defeat, and think it's a weakness to give up. When really they're just blowing money away and making themselves look like bigger tools.
  6. Yeah, pretty much.
  7. The only reason to really believe it imo is that 2011 was so much better than 2012 and 2010. Maybe that's just coincidence, but the way they've been bending over backwards in the election years (Daniel Bryan, AW) and are taking so few chances make me hopeful.
  8. If it doesnt affect WWE (what could be worse than atm?) then I don't care, honestly.
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  9. FWIW, Real Clear Politics (which boasts an average of poll numbers over the course of the last few released polls) currently show Murphy with a 4% lead over McMahon in the Connecticut Senate race. RCP also has changed the status of the race from "Leans Democratic" to "Toss Up". A poll released a couple of weeks ago by Mason-Dixon (generally one of the least-known but most-respected polls by political professionals) had the race as a tie. But that was a couple of weeks ago. Rasmussen's latest shows Murphy with a 6-point lead.

    In a lot of States, I would suggest that the late surge by Governor Romney in the Presidential race will help down-ballot Republicans in their races. But, in Connecticut, the presidential race is basically decided with the latest Presidential poll in Connecticut (a Quinnipiac poll released a week ago) showing President Obama with a 14-point lead in the State.

    There was (and remains) hope for the McMahon campaign. A lot will have to do with voter turnout and which voters turn out. If Governor Romney keeps the race in Connecticut close (say under a 10-point margin) would put McMahon in a place where she's got a shot to win. If President Obama wins Connecticut by more than 10 points, chances are McMahon is toast and Murphy gets elected to the Senate.

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