Low ki as agent 47

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  1. [​IMG]

    At least I think it's him, any what what's the story behind this?
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  2. It does look like Low Ki. No idea what promotions he work for in Japan currently. Maybe Clown Joe can shed some light.
  3. It's ibushi he's kicking I think.
  4. Looks like a NJPW or AJPW ring I think. DG doesn't have so much color on theirs, mainly white with a red logo.
  5. Google it apparently Devitt was in the match too, fuck I wanna see this now. Also someone make this my avatae please
  6. Then it is NJPW. Probably from the latest Wrestlekingdom then. Didn't Devitt, Low Ki and Ibushi have a IWGP junior heavyweight title match at it?
  7. Wow, that looks fucking incredible.
  8. Re: RE: Low ki as agent 47

    Wrestle Kingdom 7 it was, it's on his wiki.
  9. Wrestling an entire match in a suit is pretty impressive.
  10. Only in Japan :yay:
  11. Yeah, he stole the fucking show.

    It reminds of the Hitman game, though.

    I watched the entire event (5 hrs!), Okada-Tanahashi main event was easily 4.5 stars and the 3 Way with Low Ki, Devitt and Ibushi was awesome too. And yes, Low Ki wrestled the entire match in that based BOSS outfit. :obama:
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