Low Ki Marks The X

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Nov 21, 2014.

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    Last night, we were promised a new X-Division Champion on IMPACT. After Samoa Joe relinquished the championship due to undisclosed injuries, Executive Director Kurt Angle put together a thrilling one-fall-to-a-finish four way match last night.

    Four of the hungriest TNA superstars were involved. Low Ki vs. DJZ vs. Manik vs. Tigre Uno, all of whom could have left victorious and all of whom, at times, were close. However in the end, it was Low Ki who left with the title and will represent the X-Division as it’s champion for a third time.

    As we celebrate Low Ki’s accomplishment and we know he will represent the division with tremendous pride and amazing matches, we cannot help but to think of Samoa Joe. The former champion who said the title will be like a beacon for his return and the epic match that may await us if Low Ki can remain champion until Joe returns.

    The X-Division has always been an outstanding and exciting part of IMPACT Wrestling and should be for the foreseeable future with Low Ki as it’s champion and all the talented superstars that will be looking to take the title. All the while, we know that Joe will be watching.


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