Low KI possible retirement

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Pop Tatari, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Source:wrestling observer and wrestling news source
    reports that Low Ki, who also competed in TNA as Senshi and WWE as Kaval, has apparently been telling various promoters that he has retired from professional wrestling and has now moved on to doing voice-over work.
    According to the website, Low Ki has stated that he "would be open to coming back for the right program with a major company but not unless it’s something major.
  2. He'll be back.

  3. in other words he won't be open to coming back.
  4. He's not even that old though, is he?
  5. 33, so nope.
  6. He's awesome in the ring, so I don't know what has triggered this decision. Hmm...
  7. Being a bellend has probably burnt a lot of bridges, Jesus I've been using that phrase a lot today. Plus he lacks the mic skills to be a major player like he wants shame really dude has some sweet ability between the ropes.
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    Well, there goes me hoping for a New Japan return. The jr. heavyweight title picture could really use a big return like him if they were thinking of doing anything with that belt. Anyway, if all this is true, it doesn't sound like he will return to wrestling anytime soon. Depending on what 'something major' is to him, which I hope ain't as major as it's given out to be.

    On the internet Low Ki is pretty controversial because of him being a stiff son of a bitch. I say if THAT many people on the internet like Goldberg and Davey Richards, I can enjoy the kicks of Low Ki that usually aren't as careless as people think. I mean, he has had a lot more experience in the sense of striking people, hard, but carefully than what Goldberg did when he basically retired Bret Hart.

    Therefore, I have no trouble saying that I've been a Low Ki fan for a while and that I hope he comes back to wrestling as soon as possible. But hey, a wrestler's only good when he/she is enjoying him/herself. Also, it's a pretty bold statement saying you're gonna retire at the age of 33, so I'm sure he will come back to wrestling at least sometime in the near or distant future.
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  9. Well that lasted long.

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