Lucas to Manchester United

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Looks like we've apparently sealed a deal for £30m to sign the Brazilian sesnation - Lucas - from Sau Paulo! I watch this kid every week, he's fucking amazing. If this is true then I'm incredibly happy.
  2. This that Moura kid?
  3. Can't see anything saying you signing him tbh, even if you have I don't see why you need another attacking mid lol.
  4. Just google his surname and it all comes up...

    Not sure if serious.
  5. Vids of him for the noobs who don't watch Liga Do Brasil:

    More goals in this one:

    More skills in this one:
  6. I googled it and found a sketchy newspaper report lol. Valencia, Nani, Young, Kagawaga, Cleverly, Anderson with youngsters such as Powell providing the back back up, I just don't see why you'd spend 30 million on an attacking midfield / winger. No doubt he's an incredible player but where does he fit?

    First page of search "Moura" lol..

    Valencia is a RM, not a CM.
    Nani is a RM/LM, not a CM.
    Young is a LM, not a CM.
    Kagawa is a CM, a good box-to-box CM.
    Cleverely is a Scholes type CM who CAN go forward, but is still young and injury prone. Not good enough to carry Man United yet.
    Anderson is reportedly leaving. IF not, he's someone who's flopped and is injury prone
    Powell just came from what, league 1? You expect him to compete with Silva, Nasri, Mata, Meireles, Arteta, Wilshere?

    Think of the top 6 teams, apart from Liverpool all of them have 2 strong attacking CM's. Ours (if we get Lucas) will be Kagawa and Lucas. Chelsea's is Mata/Lampard and Meireles. Tottenham is Modric and VDV, Arsenal's is Wilshere and Arteta, Man City's is Nasri, Silva and Yaya Toure.
  8. Fuck, I thought Liverpool got rid of Lucas...
  9. A few rumours starting to fly round FB now as well so maybe this is true!
  10. I'm a fan of Lucas Leiva but he's not a player we need, plus he's injured.
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