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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Bort, Aug 27, 2014.

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  1. YEAOH!

  2. Decently stoked for this. I'm all for new products for me to give a go. Hopefully they can make the season set up work where Lucha Libre USA and WSX failed
  3. Pentagon Jr. is my biggest selling point, dude's just unreal, he's got that evil, menacing vibe around him.

    Blue Demon Jr. is another ultra useful addition, he better give us gems like this one:

  4. I'm interested in what American talent will be given a shot. One would guess that it would be a fair deal of the junior/cruiser style workers considering the lucha style.
  5. Meltzer's update from 8/20:

  6. Ricky Reyes is still a thing? Decent list I guess. Not that hyped on Chavo or SuperMex but it is what it is I guess. I feel AAA should throw Ricochet in for a few tapings considering that they were supposed to use him for Triplemania but weather got in the way.
  7. No, Jarrett got fucked by weather. Rico's excuse was "the show went on too long", and I don't know whether that'd sit well with AAA. But I hope they pick him, put him in the ring with Pentagon and watch the magic happen.
  8. So there ended up being not enough time for Ricochet's match, did I get that right?

    On the topic of gringos to use. I'd be all for Silver Ant getting a run.
  9. American indie show Ricochet was booked for went on for too long, and he missed the flight.
  10. According to Meltzer, Candice LeRae and Ivelisse Velez will also be on the show.
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  11. Chavo Guerrero Jr.


  12. JR says on his blog that Ezekiel Jackson will be on the roster as well.

    Because he's so lucha.
  13. Unfortunately, Chavo Jr. is still popular amongst Mexican.

    Ezekiel Jackson? Dunno, I'm clueless.
  14. Former WWE star Evan Bourne and his brother Mike Sydal have both turned down deals for the new El Rey Network Lucha Underground series that AAA is involved with. reported that The Young Bucks and Frankie Kazarian also turned down deals. Many wrestlers are hesitant to sign with the series due to the terms of the deal and the discrepancy in pay being offered to various talents.

    Former WWE Tough Enough participant Martin Casaus has signed on for the series. Former WWE creative writer Chris “Big Dick Johnson” DeJoseph will be working on production for the series. Indie stars Ricky Reyes and B-Boy have also signed on for the project. El Rey previously announced Luchadores Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Sexy Star, Drago and Blue Demon Jr.

    Other names confirmed to have been offered deals include John Morrison, Konnan, Hernandez, Ricochet, Joey Ryan, Candace LeRae, Rocky Romero, Scorpio Sky, Matt Cross and Ivelisse Velez. As noted, Chavo Guerrero was also offered a deal and is expected to wrestle as well as work backstage. Tapings begin this weekend so El Rey was trying to get a majority of the deals signed yesterday.

    Read more:
  15. So bye bye to Ricochet on the indies then if the rumors of el Ray not allowing work on the indies are true.

    But maybe he had enough weight to negotiate a good deal.

    I'm actually excited for this
  16. I'm excited too, but don't be surprised if it had very little lucha. Fuck, not even the hardcore lucha bloggers have any clue what it might be about.

    Apparently Alberto has reached some kind of agreement with WWE because he has a lot on them.
  17. I wonder if there will be some sort of overhanging plot (it is said to be taped in seasons after all). Or if that would be too forced.
    By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-06 10:11:27
    The El Rey Network will begin taping episodes for "Lucha Underground" tonight in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. El Rey is very much behind the series and want it to be an important piece of original programming, becoming the third original series the network has created and launched since going on the airwaves.

    Here's everything we know about the Lucha Underground series thus far:

    The set is quite similar to the old Wrestling Society X, designed to look like a wrestling show set up inside a warehouse with bleachers on one side and raised seating in wooden chairs around the ring. There are "Lucha Underground" posters everywhere to add to the underground feel. In another WSX similarity, there are bands advertised as playing the tapings this weekend, but I don't know if that's scheduled to be part of the actual TV product or not. There are several different levels of the arena which should provide ample material for crazy dives.

    Confirmed as working for the series are Luchadors Blue Demon Jr., Sexy Star, Drago, Fenix and Pentagon Jr., DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate champion Ricochet, Chavo Guerrero, John "Morrison" Hennigan, Ricky Banderas aka Messias in TNA, Martin Casaus, Famous B, Matt Cross, B-Boy and Ricky Reyes. Konnan will appear in a non-wrestling role. Former WWE referee Marty Elias is booked. Many of them will be wrestling as new personalities and characters created by the series.

    Matt Striker and Vampiro will be the announcing team.

    Aaron Aguilera, Kaos and Ivelisse Velez are all booked for the taping to work "dark" matches with the idea that should they come to terms, their footage could be incorporated into the show.

    Rocky Romero had also been offered a deal for the series, but whether he signed or not is unknown as of this writing.

    The series is headed by former WWE creative team member Chris DeJoseph with former WWE writers Chris Roach and Matt Stollman also working on the show.

    Talents who have passed on the series are Mike "Evan Bourne" Sydal, Joey Ryan, Candice LaRae, Scorpio Sky, Mike Sydal, The Young Bucks, Kazarian and Erik Watts (Tough Enough alumni)

    I've heard Los Ben Dejos and Los Banditos names also bandied about as possibilities for the series over the last two days, but have not confirmed whether either team will be working the tapings.

    Several episodes will be taped tonight and tomorrow. They have additional taping dates of 9/13, 9/14, 9/27, 9/28, 10/4, 10/5, 10/18, 10/19, 10/25 and 10/26 set, which means the series could tape as many 24-36 episodes by late October.

    Lucha Underground will debut on The El Rey Network on 10/8.

    Initial press releases for the project have indicated that the series would also develop "monthly and quarterly specials" as well as live PPV events as well as licensing and merchandising for the production.
  19. Matt Striker and Vampiro.

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