Lucky Louie (2006)

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  1. Before there was Louie on FX, we had this forgotten gem on HBO. It only had one season, 13 eps, and I watched them when they came out but it's been a long time and recently discovered the eps are all on Youtube, so I'm going to go through and re-watch them all.

    For anyone interested, here is the pilot:

  2. Nobody huh? come on, my track record in everything says I have great taste. someone give me a pity watch of the pilot
  3. I saw a couple of eps back in the day. A young Emma Stone was in it, was she not?
  4. Yea she was in one ep as the asshole daughter of Louie's boss/friend.
  5. It's alright. Cant be bothered for a pity watch though.
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