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  1. Hey Hulkamaniacs,

    what up? I'm putzing through YOUTUBE and I came across Lufisto. for those unfamiliar,
    Lufisto is a French-Canadian lady wrestler who has been all over the world and has won
    numerous titles. she is the Queen and King of Hardcore and Queen of the Death Match
    and has taken on and beaten men and women. so if you are Daniel or HHH/Stephanie,
    would you sign her despiter her non-fitness model/Barbie doll figure (5'3'. 150) and being
    slightly older? I would because she would be a breathe of fresh air and would give the
    other ladies a clinic. thoughts or questions would be appreciated.
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  2. images-5.jpg
    A picture would have been nice brother!
    But I never heard of her before this thread I will look up some matches and check her out
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  3. How old is she? I never heard of her but I agree, someone like her would add a bit more diversity to the women's division in WWE.
    We have all shapes and sizes for the dudes, it'd be nice to see some heavy hitting ladies as well.
  4. She's 36.

    WWE has their entirely stupid "too old" tendencies when it comes to the women, but LuFisto is one of my favorite wrestlers ever. Would probably get me watching WWE again.
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  5. She looks good for 36
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  6. 36 isn't even old to me but I guess for women, they feel differently. Seems like they only aim for 24 to 34 these days.
  7. She actually made a Tough Enough video, back when they were doing that thing.

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  8. She seems better than that other French Canadian they had... :really:
  9. She's easily one of the best on the indies, not sure if they just decided "too old" or if there's another reason they never looked into her.

    Asuka is 35, but she's Japanese so she's going to look that way until she's 60.
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  10. Lol A little harsh there
  11. Japanese women do age well so :y2j:
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  12. What's harsh?
  13. Never heard of her. But hey, everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves.
  14. Sorry..... damn phone replied to wrong message
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  15. Was that meant for my Maryse comment? :haha:
  16. Lol Yes it was
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I'd be more concerned with her being able to get into America than her age. Since I know she has been caught at the border without a work visa at least once.

  19. Mary Dobson is a beast thought this would be a good match to put up
  20. Does not mean that she got into the company legally. If she wants a job with the WWE she cannot have those types of flags in her profile since WWE would have to do a whole lot of paperwork for them to get her a visa/green card for permanent residence.
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