Spoiler Luke Harper vignette

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Sep 30, 2014.

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  1. The vignette below aired on the latest Raw twice, and it provided some back-story for Luke Harper.

    Not only did it show some back-story, but it showed Wyatt saying that "he's set Luke Harper free". So hopefully this is hinting towards Harper getting his first singles run. Another thing that Wyatt said in the vignette that it's time he hunts Harper. Wyatt vs. Harper feud? Sign me up. What do you think?
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  2. I'd be very interested in the singles push that is rumored to be happening, I'd definitely be into a small little Wyatt vs Harper feud.. curious as to where this leaves Rowan though.
  3. I'm all up for Harper vs Wyatt, bay-beh. Both of them are just awesome! I'm kinda indifferent what happens with Rowan, though.
  4. Any Wyatt promo is better than nothing at all.
  5. that promo was awesome.
  6. 2 of my current favs against each other? - yes plz

    EDIT - Peek-a-boo - You're doomed. Love it
  7. I don't think he said that he's hunting harper. But rather that this time Harper is the hunter, rather than the hunted.
  8. I was a bit addled at to what the promo was supposed to mean. Hard to tell if WWE were just providing a small bit of backstory to Harper, or producing some sort of vignette for the Wyatts since they were nowhere to be seen on Raw elsewhere, or if they were hinting at a possible breakup between Harper and Wyatt.
  9. Just give me a Harper singles push. Harper vs Sheamus for the US title would be just fantastic.
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  10. I think harper will be successful for a singles run, Bray will be great too, but I don't think rowan has a future in the company at all.
  11. i really liked the vinaigrette :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. I just don't want Rowan to be left out. He's another star in a shell at least IMO. Sure Luke outshines him, but every tag team has a shining star while another is left in the shadows.
  13. Rowan is the weak link. He will be left out.
  14. I'm al for it. He's great in the ring and has such a good look as well.
  15. Good look? :george:
  16. For a heelish monster, yes @Tsar
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  17. I'm surprised by the lack of complaints about Sheamus being the worst worker ever who just cripples everyone he meets.
  18. His recent string of excellent Hossmatches has warmed me tremendously to him. And I always thought he was at least decent.
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  19. Harper vs Sheamus... yes plz! Meanwhile, Wyatt and Rowan go for the tag team titles (if they don't have shit for Wyatt to do) because The Wyatt Family can't break up just yet. Give them one more MOTYC 3-on-3, Tag Team title reign plus Bray Wyatt holding some sort of singles gold then they can split up and I'll shut my mouth.
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