News Luke Harper's Absence Described As A "Creative Decision"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 21, 2015.

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    So, Harper gets left out of RAW (and SmackDown and HIAC) and Rowan's put in as his replacement with no explanation whatsoever because it's a freakin' "creative decision".

    LOLWWE for punishing Harper for kayfabe-busting photo, yet just last week they burned kayfabe to the ground by announcing Rusev and Lana are engaged in real life just to get out of Rusev/DZ/Summer angle.
  2. Fuck... this means Harper is gonna be removed from TV totally, then released, and Wyatt family will just be 3 men again. I was looking forward to the Wyatts being a 4 man unit, Strowman has no knowledge of wrestling whatsoever while Harper and Rowan made great back up men for Bray. Gawd dammit WWE.
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  3. I hardly doubt Harper will be released, he'll just miss HIAC. He'll remain with the family.
  4. Probably... I hope so...
  5. I highly doubt that Harper is in any trouble for violating the strict principles of kayfabe in 2015.
  6. Well, you did what the article said people would do and jumped to conclusions.
  7. It's hard to take Justin LaBar seriously. I would believe Mike Johnson over him. Justin is the guy that started the rumor about Harper being punished due to a photo. He started denying it when not a damn person said that's why he wasn't on RAW.. WWE breaks kayfabe all the time now, they did it on NXT the last few months and no one was punished. It was just a photo, there's no way that's the reason.. Besides, Jericho is the guy that posted it.
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  9. I don't see how Harper could be in that kind of hot water for breaking Kayfabe to the point to where he's written off TV, but Rusev and Lana end a whole storyline line and Rusev is in the kick off match tonight in place of where Harpers match was going to be.
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  10. Because anything can happen in the WWE. :ambrose2:
  11. Sister Abigail, is that you?
  12. Then I'm sure they just took the Wyatt tag match off the card because they want to protect the Wyatts Actually a good decision.
  13. I'm positive Strowman and Harper would've defeated Orton and Ambrose, anyway
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