Luxury car shopping with Alberto Del Rio #1

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Turn him face :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. Where is he right now? He's awesome.
  3. Injured.
  4. He should never have lost his smile ... oops I did it again

    Seriously, I loved his original shtick. Smiling and shrugging like he couldn't believe his luck

    Telling us his name was ADR and that we already knew that.

    What happened to that guy, Vince? Did that gimmick fail? Ask JBL and Ted Dibiase if it worked for them
  5. They both had more then simply being rich. Dibiase was in a kayfabe living era and performed many dastardly acts with his money and Bradshaw was the self believing obnoxious great American, that they hate to be stereotyped of. That's were they went wrong with ADR. The flash cars don't make anyone hate him, in the same way no one hated Eddie for them.
  6. ADR was stale, he said one thing week after week. JBL had variety, and was an absolute beast on the mic, as was Ted. Two of the best mic workers of all time.
  7. It's better than what he became.... from my vantage point anyways

    Why come to the ring with a Stone Cold scowl across his face, when he's an aristocrat?

    He's rich... why would he be bitter? If anything blame it on the recession... turn that into a storyline and butter up the fans
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  8. I've always wanted to see Alberto face. He seems really badass for a face and he seems more natural a face.
  9. "Why don't you just send all these cars to my house"

    WOW!!!!! He's one rich SOB... I'd like to know just how much money ADR has stacked up in his bank???
  10. Kayfabe @[RKO].
  11. :angry::angry:
  12. One day you'll fully grasp it! :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. You don't wanna fully grasp it. Wrestling is more fun when your a semi mark tbh. You know the workings but can still get lost in the kayabe world.
  14. Oh of course, hell, I still mark like a little schoolgirl in candy-world when I see my favourites. I wish I didn't know the ins and outs, but eventually you're going to learn everything being on these forums. I remember when @[RKO] didn't know what kayfabe was at all, and Sage I think explained it. Now look at him, he's blossoming into a lovely flower. Now you may see that as a bad thing, but I think it's great to learn bits like that as you become a bigger fan (imo). Longer discussions, intrigued more, trying to figure things out and have your own valued opinion.

    4am, if none of that makes sense you can suck my left one.
  15. They still earn alot but that doesn't matter because what matters is you have to love what you do and not do it just for the money, that's probably what all superstars think.
  16. :tongue::welcome:
  17. Don't earn as much as you think though.
  18. ... especially when you consider they do not get benefits/insurance
  19. How do you figure?
  20. They're independent contractors so they aren't entitled to healthcare or something like that. A few wrestlers have tried to get it but have failed.
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