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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by legendary1996, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Posted before, just thought I'd put the correct links on this time!

    I've started a federation for people on Facebook to follow and enjoy. It is growing gradually and we'd love to have more followers.
    Basically, Facebook has become a little stale (certainly amongst my bunch anyway) and has become a place to air domestic problems and I've decided to put some fun into it.
    We're wrestling fans and enjoy doing promos on drunken nights out and thought, well, it would be quite fun to film some scenes and create a few storylines. We're on the way to a show which is practiced and safe, no risks will be taken - its mainly about the story and the entertainment.
    This is our organisation, all news and character additions are on here AND our first show Monday Night Mutiny:


    and this is the main event at our upcoming show.This page is full of videos including an interview with Good Ol' JR which was fun to make.


    I would really appreciate it if you could support us and follow our storys. Backyard wrestling has a bad name after the roof diving and light tube smashing of about 12 years ago and I just want to show that it can be fun without extreme behaviour.
    This is the YouTube channel also which contains a clip or two from my younger days which are quite funny:


    Thanks for reading and I look forward to hopefully entertaining some of you.

    Kind Regards

    Steve, Lancashire, UK
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