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  1. We all get them stuck in our heads from time to time.
    Post some lyrics you enjoy or lyrics that are currently eating your brain like a virus.
  2. Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
    Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
    Hanging on quiet desperation is the English way
    The time is gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say
  3. I'm not sure what I meant to you then,
    So I'm not sure what I owe you now.
    But if something I said hurt you
    I swear it was not my intention.
    .... Because of the shame I associate with vulnerability
    I am numbing myself completely.
  4. Fuck yourself with politics
    Ahh they're full of fuckin' fuckin' shit
    I mean you know we've been lied to ever since we were born
    It's amazing that we've been getting fucked that
  5. When the world falls into pieces
    You'll be the one voice of reason
    When I can't face all my demons
    You are the one I believe in

    Through the thunder and the rain
    Together we fall together we fly away
    Hold me closely
    You are my one and only

    You're the Queen of hearts
    Make me your king
    You'll be the diamond
    I got the ring

    "Queen of Hearts" - We The Kings
  6. I'm a Super Villian where the fucks Kick ass?
    One kick to the chest will give em whiplash
    Crack a 6-pack, light a bogie up
    Twist a Bamboo, cause bein sober sucks
    I'm the dopest young buck with this rap shit
    Crazy motha fucker in need of a strait jacket
    Rap it, grab the track and face bash it
    Every instrument and the beat will lay in the casket
    Ha, cause you know I leave em hurt son
    On the Grassy Knoll. sniper rifle nerf gun
    You ain't ready for the crazy shit that Chris will pull
    Fuckin despicable, leavin every hater miserable
    Kicked back, so come on and distract
    I hit em so hard they can't help it but sit back
    I spit raps amazing
    They flip the fuck out like Liam Neeson
    When his daughter was kidnapped and taken

    ^ 1 verse in a Chris Webby song called Stranger.
    He's a lyrical mastermind for being a young white rapper in the suburbs of Connecticut.
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  7. Who needs the kwik-e-mart?
    Now here's the tricky part
    Oh won't you rhyme with me?
  8. 'Cause to this day we remain estranged and I hate it though
    'Cause you ain't even get to witness your grand babies grow
    But I'm sorry, Mama, for "Cleaning Out My Closet", at the time I was angry
    Rightfully maybe so, never meant that far to take it though,
    'cause now I know it's not your fault, and I'm not making jokes
    That song I no longer play at shows and I cringe every time it's on the radio

    "Headlights" - Eminem

    This song should win the Grammy for song of the year... so much emotion and realism.. it feels great to have watched Em come into the business, become one of the greatest ever, and then grow even further as a man before our very eyes.
  9. You fucking worship the ground in which I am walking
    Me against the world so what? I'm Brian Dawkins
    Versus the whole 0 and 16 Lions offense
    So bring on the Giants Falcons and Miami Dolphins
    It's the body bag game bitch I'm supplying coffins

    Eminem - Legacy
  10. ''All the sorrows that you'’ve known
    All the wars that you wage

    Lost to every worry, every sorrow in your heart
    Everything is blurry, now you’'ve torn your world apart
    None of this will matter, not tomorrow, just today
    Don'’t let this moment slip away

    Alter Bridge - ''Peace Is Broken''
  11. We rollin' trees and smokin' la la la la la
    Another weed song from me
    Burnin' more trees than Cheech Chong
    Red and Meth all roll together in the same L
    We smoke blunts all day, you can't tell? Hell
    I'm stompin' in with my boots on
    Rollin' to the diner with my half off coupon
    Fuck, I been burnin' since I was newborn
    So high flyin' through space with Jimmy Neutron
    That's how I do mon, rock the rhythm
    You would think I had a mothafuckin' pot prescription
    Like the doctor's flippin', my grass stay fresh cut
    Sticky icky wet stuff, put it in the next dutch
    But last time I had a checkup, the doc said my brain was not fully developed
    Fuck, but it just don't matter, I'mma have to roll the next blunt fatter, ha!

    La la la la la
    Just break it up and smoke that (la la la la la)
    Now twist it up and smoke that (la la la la la)
    Now light it up and smoke that (la la la la la)

    And then you keep on burnin'

    [Verse 2: Chris Webby]
    The way this weed hits your chest, should invest in Kevlar
    Chillin' on Saturn, cruisin' in the XR
    Everyday I got the best bars
    And the best weed same color as Reptar
    Yes, we stay lightin' up the purple
    In my own entourage, smokin' like Turtle
    Fuck all the commercials, they all straight lies
    Actin' like I'm gonna kill a mothafucker cause I'm high

    The most I'm likely to do is open the fridge
    Chill on the couch, and never end up leavin' my crib

    Shit, but that's just how I do
    Stay high, seein' from my birds eye view

    I walk into a room and everybody starts sniffin'
    "Like, oh my God, I can guarantee that's Christian"

    "It's nine in the morning yo, what the fuck's with him?"
    And I'm like, "Chill! I've got a weed addiction", like


    [Verse 3: Chris Webby]
    We lightin' ganja ganja, every day we burn dutchies
    And always we stay around more trees than Fern Gully

    I earn money, spend on weed, and burn money
    Got the dice in my hand, can't take my turn from me
    I rip like a beast when I hit the beats
    But it's just weed when they say I'm equipped with heat
    Please, shit's leavin' you in disbelief
    I'm that monster at your door, bitch, trick-or-treat
    The way I freestyle, shit, it really baffles me
    Cause I'm a pot head, call me Johnny Appleseed

    I got a dub and a dutch, let's roll and spark
    Til we start to see shit like Joan of Arc

    I know I'm smart, I know I'm nice
    That's why ya'll can't see me like a poltergeist

    Smokin' la la la, give that bowl a light
    Grab the bong even tighter than I hold the mic, like

    This whole song is fire from a white boy from the suburbs :emoji_slight_smile: had to quote it since I couldn't pick a "sicker verse"
  12. "You're all waiting on a joke
    Well, all I have are punchlines

    Meursault - 'Settling'
  13. "Where are you tonight?
    Wild flower in starlit heaven
    Still enchanted in flight
    Obsessions lament to freedom
    A timeless word, the meanings changed
    But I'm still burning in your flames
    Incessant, lustral masquarade
    Unengaged, dimlit love didn't taste the same
    And I wonder if you ever wonder the same
    And I still wonder"

    Anathema - Angelica
  14. You're out all night
    How long can I wait?
    To justify another cold embrace
    Your love is a lie
    And I can tell by your face
    I've made up my mind
    And I've accepted our fate

    (So long) I can read between the lines
    (Two wrongs) couldn't ever make it right
    Now I'm gone, gone, I'm gone
    Yea, I'm movin' on
    Ooon, I'm gone
    Yea I'm movin' on

    {Where did our love
    Where did our love
    Where did our love go?}

    You won't pick up the phone
    When I know you're with him
    And you smell like cologne
    It's all over your skin
    You keep looking away
    When you're talking to me
    And you said you would change
    But I just can't believe

    (So long) I can read between the lines
    (Two wrongs) couldn't ever make it right
    Now I'm gone gone I'm gone
    Yea, I'm movin' on
    Ooon, I'm gone
    Yea I'm movin' on

    You will never break my heart again
    You said forever and you'd always be there to the end
    You will never break my heart again
    But you'll come running when it happens to you in the end (the end)

    When he's out all night
    How long will you wait?

    (So long) I can read between the lines
    (Two wrongs) couldn't never make it right
    Now I'm gone gone I'm gone
    Yea, I'm movin' on
    Ooon, I'm gone
    Yea I'm movin' on

    {Where did our love
    Where did our love
    Where did our love go?}

    You're out all night
    How long could I wait?

  15. 'And if my eyes go blind
    Don't worry, I won't mind
    The truth is something they have never seen

    Fuel - Blind
  16. "
    Motherfuckas know
    They better tuck and roll
    Cuz I'm the Master and Commander of this shit
    They call me Russell Crowe
    -Chris Webby

    If you're into rap even in the slightest, this white boy from suburbia will get your shit going, especially if you grew up in the 90s.
  17. I have found my way to fly
    Free from the constraints of time
    I have soared through the sky
    Seen life far below in mind
    Breathed in truth, love, serene
    Sailed on oceans of belief
    Searched and found life inside
    We're not just a moment in time..

    - Anathema "A Simple Mistake"
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